'12/52' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #portrait

Happy Friday! We are posing in front of some incredible homes in this week’s 52. How has your Spring Break been? Ours has been a little strange. Cory was injured on the job and has spent the entire week in and out of physical therapy. Good news is he will be able to recover 100%.

And now, here are a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week…

Inspired by Rebecca Atwood’s designs.

Dreaming of sunbathing in each of these suits.

Can’t wait to make this incredible chocolate-hazelnut macaroon torte. Whoa.

Wouldn’t mind having these lipsticks. I was admiring them at Sephora the other day. Anyone use them?

And, of course, 3 Instagram favorites: 1 | 2 3

'12/52' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #portrait

Inspired by Tegan & Sara.

Dreaming of owning our own house.

Can’t wait live in an awesome portland house.

Wouldn’t mind meeting Grumpy Cat.

And, of course, 3 Instagram favorites: 1 | 2 | 3

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  • Kim / 30 March 2013 3:47

    OMG. I absolutely hate bathing suit shopping about as much as I hate actually being IN a bathing suit, but I’ve realized owning one is going to be a huge necessity while I’m in Iceland (as ironic as that may seem). That Dunaway suit is SO MINE. Thank you thank you thank you !

    • endlesslyenraptured / 31 March 2013 12:32

      Hahahaha! I loathe it too… I don’t think I’ve even bought a new swimsuit for nearly 5 years. But all those suits look so dreamy and flattering and that model has real thighs so it makes me feel more confident that it could work on me too! And, man, I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it is that you are going to be able to swim in the Blue Lagoon! Ahhh!

  • Vickie / 30 March 2013 10:55

    gorgeous colours this week – glad Cory is going to be ok 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 31 March 2013 12:32

      Aw, thank you Vickie. I’m so glad it’s going to be such a quick recovery!