March in Instagrams

March in Instagrams

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Photos courtesy of Jade’s instagramCory’s instagram and our instagram.

 Happy April! You won’t see any trickery from us today, just a look back at March. We are fairly certain that this is the busiest March we have ever experienced. We got caffeinated at Heart, ate yummy bowls at Canteen and indulged in a few delectable cupcakes from St. Cupcake Galore (order the toasted coconut cream… you’re welcome). We were able to collaborate with two of our favorite Portland fashion mavens at Xtabay Vintage and Colette Patterns. We took advantage of the incredible weather and took a trip to the Japanese Garden and surrounded ourselves in springtime flowers. After a bit of a hiatus, we were able to rekindle our love of black and white film.

How was your March?

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  • jacqueline / 2 April 2013 5:00

    Ace Hotel! That is top of my list for Portland (in addition to like 10 other things…). You always stop by the best places.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 3 April 2013 3:39

      It’s a MUST for sure. The light in there always kills me… And the photo booth! Cory and I go there at least once a month. When you come to Portland we absolutely have to grab lunch together and go on a photo adventure!

  • Rebekka / 2 April 2013 5:54

    Beautiful Ranunculas! (Ranunculuses? Ranunculi?) 🙂