Our First Anniversary & First Giveaway! {Closed}

Our First Anniversary & First Giveaway! {Closed}

'Origrami Giveaway' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #prints #instagram #origrami #giveaway

We have been together for nearly 6 years and while we love surprising one another, we are horrible at it. We always end up giving each other gifts early because we just can’t stand the anticipation. This year was different though. We thought it would be fun to stick with the traditional first anniversary gift: paper. Nothing too big (we are saving to move AND for our trip to London in September) but no less thoughtful.

I have to say, my sweetheart knows me well. He surprised me with a collection of books illustrated (and in some cases, written) by Jon Klassen, a favorite illustrator of mine. You see, I graduated from PNCA as an illustration major and it has always been a dream of mine to illustrate a children’s book (I have quite the collection of them). When I opened the beautifully wrapped gift box to discover the books, my jaw dropped. I was so touched. We laid in bed and read them aloud, giggling and fawning over each and every drawing. Have you read them? Now all I need to do is have Mr. Klassen sign them…

'Jon Klassen' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #childrensbooks #jonklassen

'Jon Klassen' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #childrensbooks #jonklassen

'Jon Klassen' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #childrensbooks #jonklassen

'Jon Klassen' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #childrensbooks #jonklassen

Cory and I are HUGE Instagram fans. We have talked about getting some of our favorites printed in the past, but never got around to it. Then I found Origrami. Created by Sydney based husband and wife team, Jeff and Betsy, they wanted to combine their two passions: craft and Instagram and thus Origrami was born. The front of the prints resemble polaroids (another favorite thing of ours) and on the back includes a map of where the photo was taken if geotagged! Making tangible prints of our first year as husband and wife? Perfect. Cory was completely surprised and we were both blown away by how beautifully they turned out. I’m so happy to announce that Origrami has kindly offered to give TWO readers each a set of their own!

'Origrami Giveaway' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #prints #instagram #origrami #giveaway

'Origrami Giveaway' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #prints #instagram #origrami #giveaway

'Origrami Giveaway' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #prints #instagram #origrami #giveaway

'Origrami Giveaway' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #prints #instagram #origrami #giveaway

To enter, please share a link in the comments to one of your Instagram images that you would have printed if you were chosen. I’d love a chance to see your beautiful instagrams!

For additional entries:

1. Like both Origrami on Facebook and Endlessly Enraptured on Facebook. If you’re already a fan, just let us know!

2. Follow Origrami on Instagram.

3. Follow Origrami on Twitter.

4. Share the giveaway on facebook, twitter, tumblr or on your own blog.

Please be sure to leave an additional comment for each entry you complete!

The giveaway ends Sunday, June 16 at 12AM PST. The winners will be chosen at random and we’ll update this post with the names of the winners on Monday June 17th. The winners will also be announced on facebook and twitter, so be sure to follow along! Best of luck!

*Update: Congratulations to Raquel and Madison K!

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  • Raquel / 4 June 2013 8:36

    Congrats on your anniversary! I had no idea this Origrami company existed, its such a great idea! Here is the link to the photo I would choose 🙂


  • Raquel / 4 June 2013 8:37

    I also follow your FB page Endlessly Enraptured 🙂

  • Raquel / 4 June 2013 8:38

    Annnnnd, I followed Origrami on FB 🙂

  • Shannon Rosan / 4 June 2013 9:36

    Congrats on your anniversary! And how awesome is it that you have your 1st year documented via instagram 🙂

    I would print this picture of me and my best buddy and cutest doggie ever, Olive – http://instagram.com/p/YT7Pn6pugt/

    I like’d Endlessly Enraptured (not sure why I hadn’t sooner as I LOVE your blog) and like’d Origami.

    I Tweeted the giveaway and tagged Endlessly Enraptured.

    I followed Origami on instagram & twitter.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 12:00

      Aw, Shannon, that is such a sweet photograph of you and your pup!

  • Jade Rose McArthur / 4 June 2013 10:26

    Ooo, We move to London just in time for the last day of fashion week!!! When will you be there?! Also, this is the most creative and my favorite version of printing instagram photos that I’ve seen yet. Like you two, we still haven’t gotten around to printing our instagram photos and we would love to win these!!!

    We would definitely print this photo, Ryan serenading to me on a canoe in front of Mt Hood right before he proposed!!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 4 June 2013 11:12

      AHH! I am just so excited for the two of you. The mister and I have dreamed about living there and are so happy to have the opportunity to visit and see if it would suite us. We are aiming for the end of September! I would love if we could connect while we are there and perhaps pick your brains a bit 😉

  • Jade Rose McArthur / 4 June 2013 10:26

    I’m following both of you on Facebook!

  • Jade Rose McArthur / 4 June 2013 10:27

    Following Origrami on Facebook 🙂 and if I had twitter (shock, i know) I would be following them on twitter as well.

  • Virginia Fynes / 5 June 2013 12:57

    What a fabulous treat for your anniversary! Your IG’s are beautiful! I just have an itouch so everything is so grainy. I’ll just live IG through everyone else! I LOVE your haircut!! http://instagram.com/p/Z9CH9RzQ78/

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 1:38

      Hi Virginia! This instagram of your boys is so sweet! And thank you so much for the anniversary well wishes and the compliment on my haircut!

  • Alex Byrnes / 5 June 2013 1:02

    hey guys!
    I’ve been following Origrami on Instagram for ages now and when I saw this giveaway, I just got so excited!

    I’m following you both on Facebook and Instagram and even made a twitter account to retweet you! (I think I’ve done it right, I don’t know how to use it!)

    I’ve also shared the photo on Instagram and Facebook and will be posting on my tumblr (le-daisies.tumblr.com)

    It’s my boyfriend of 3 years birthday and I was planning to get some Origrami photos printed but if I win this giveaway I’ll be able to spoil him!

    I’d definitely print this photo of him and I when we went out for my birthday!

    Alex xx

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 1:40

      Hello Alex!! This would be a perfect birthday surprise!

  • Rachel Esther / 5 June 2013 1:11

    I love origrami!! I’ve started a wall of prints from them. Haven’t done any from our recent New Zealand trip though so would like to print those out. This is one of my favourites. http://instagram.com/p/ZW4KUWJ3Q_/

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 1:32

      Oh my word, that is absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to go to New Zealand someday…

  • Rachel Esther / 5 June 2013 1:12

    { I also already follow them on FB and INsta. I’ve added you on FB too! }

  • Jasmine Marie / 5 June 2013 1:22

    Happy first anniversary! It just gets better and better. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I liked you on fb.

  • Jasmine Marie / 5 June 2013 1:23

    I follow Origrami on IG.

  • Jasmine Marie / 5 June 2013 1:27

  • Anna / 5 June 2013 1:33

    Happy anniversary! I would print a bunch of fun photos of my favorite people and animals, also lots of photos of barns, trees and rural landscapes – this is one of my favorites.


    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 1:41

      Thank you Anna! That instagram is beautiful! I’m a sucker for clouds…

  • Jessica / 5 June 2013 3:25

    Love this and love your blog! Happy Anniversary xx

    This would be mine 🙂


    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 4:05

      Thank you so much Jessica! And, wow, that is a beautiful photograph…

  • Alex Thornton / 5 June 2013 3:46

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

    I already follow origrami on instagram, just started following you and liked both FB pages.

    This is a photo I’d love to have printed, it’s my partner and I being silly at the salt flats in Bolivia.


    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 4:07

      Thank you so much Alex! Your instagram is hilarious! Haha, I love it!

  • Diana Navarrete / 5 June 2013 4:15

    love this!! please please please let me get what i want this time….


  • Diana Navarrete / 5 June 2013 4:16

    followed on twitter 🙂

  • Diana Navarrete / 5 June 2013 4:17

    liked on facebook as well

  • Aim Aris / 5 June 2013 5:29

    Happy anniversary to you both! Love all your photos. 🙂

    Anyway done sharing and etc. Here’s one of my favourite cafe nearby my house that I love to go for my me time.


    *crossing fingers* and cheers!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 5:42

      Thank you so much Aim! I can understand why that cafe is one of your favorites! It’s so lovely and full of light…

  • Clarissa / 5 June 2013 5:47

    I love love love origrami – it’s such a beautiful idea. The packaging’s beautifully designed, too.. 🙂

    *liked origrami and endlessly enraptured on fb 🙂

  • s h e r r y / 5 June 2013 6:53

    🙂 What amazing presents! Love the books and, of course, the Origrami prints. If I could print one, I think it’d have to be this one: http://instagram.com/p/aCrPM-BHm6/ (From my most recent trip to San Francisco)

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 7:06

      Holy smokes, what a gorgeous view of the golden gate! Beautifully done…

  • Abbie Melle / 5 June 2013 6:54

    I found you through Origrami on Instagram … and had to come across here to look … such a lovely site and so many amazing photos!
    I love photography also and instagram too … a lot! 🙂 I’ve been hoping to print some for ages so this giveaway sounds fantastic! One of my favourite photos to print would be this one … http://instagram.com/p/ZSH0vAAngw/
    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!
    Regards, Abbie

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 7:10

      I’m so glad you found us Abbie! Those tulips are insanely beautiful! Wonderful capture…

  • Eloise / 5 June 2013 6:54

    This is so perfect! You guys are the sweetest!

    I would love this photo of me and my father!

    Also follow you both on facebook 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:36

      Aw, such a sweet photo of you are your father, Eloise!

  • s h e r r y / 5 June 2013 6:54

    Liked Origrami and you on Facebook!!

  • s h e r r y / 5 June 2013 6:55

    Following Origrami on Twitter!

  • s h e r r y / 5 June 2013 6:56

    Following Origrami on Instagram too!! ;D

  • Briana Morrison / 5 June 2013 7:00

    I would have this image printed, documenting my first trip to Portland and the day I met the two of you! http://instagram.com/p/VhgfzjJAXy/

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 7:13

      Aw, you are the sweetest Bria! Can’t wait for many breakfast dates to come 🙂

  • Briana Morrison / 5 June 2013 7:01

    I follow on Facebook.

  • Briana Morrison / 5 June 2013 7:01

    I follow on Instagram.

  • Briana Morrison / 5 June 2013 7:02

    I follow on Twitter!

  • Briana Morrison / 5 June 2013 7:03

    And I shared on Facebook… Whew!

  • Clarissa / 5 June 2013 7:24

    *followed origrami on instagram

  • Clarissa / 5 June 2013 7:24

    *followed origrami on twitter

  • Uxia / 5 June 2013 7:39

    I already like and follow you both.
    I want my little bird to be ” Origramized”:

  • Madison Kitchen / 5 June 2013 11:20

    Am so grateful to have stumbled upon this beautiful page of yours! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic prize!
    This is my photo I want to get origrami’d!! This is my motivation to crawl out of bed on these cold winter Melbourne mornings. The knowledge that summer is only 6 months away and these beautiful nights at my local beach are not just a far off distant memory, but more a promise of things to come My bliss.


    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:42

      I’m grateful that you found us Madison! Gosh, laying by the beach by lantern light sounds so peaceful…

  • Vickie / 5 June 2013 1:07

    such beautiful gifts – I love well illustrated childrens books 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:17

      I used to go to school just a few block away from Powell’s City of Books. I spent hours there and build up quite the collection of my own at home.

  • Eleonora / 5 June 2013 1:46

    Those illustrated childrens books are so precious. I love to collect them too, you know. I love buying a book for my nieces (they are 6 and 3 years old), but sometimes I end up keeping what I’ve bought for them because I’ve fallen in love with a book. Am I a bad aunt? XD

    Talking about the giveaway: first of all, thanks! I know Origrami and dreamed of having a few pictures printed!
    Here’s what I love seeing printed: http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/detail/360769615896774957_32099609
    My little border collie, Cora!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:19

      Hahaha! I think if I had nieces or nephews I would probably do the same thing! Oh, I just love that instagram of Cora. She looks like such a sweetheart.

  • Eleonora / 5 June 2013 1:47

    I’m now a fan of Origrami on Facebook and already a fan of Endlessly Enraptured on Facebook 🙂

  • Eleonora / 5 June 2013 1:47

    Now following Origrami on Instagram too.

  • Eleonora / 5 June 2013 1:49

    Now following Origrami on Twitter too.

  • Eleonora / 5 June 2013 1:52

    And finally: I shared the giveaway on Facebook.
    Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/eleonora85/posts/10151469107707293

  • Kristen / 5 June 2013 2:11

    Happy Anniversary! I found your blog from the Origrami Facebook page and love it! In fact, we are fellow Portlanders.

    I’ve been following Origrami on Facebook, and I absolutely love their prints. In fact, they are the reason that I established an Instagram account to be honest. I wanted to capture my year in photos and display these both at home and my blog.

    I’ve now followed you on Facebook, Twitter (and Origram), retweeted your tweet for the contest, and shared your post on Facebook.

    If I were to print one Instagram image, it would be this image:

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:24

      Thank you so much Kristen! I love the idea of having that instagram printed. It seriously looks like an abstract piece of art!

  • Kristen / 5 June 2013 2:15

    I also found you on Pinterest and followed some of your boards! I see you are also gluten-free? There is no better place to live than Portland for GF peeps like us 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:25

      Ah, that’s awesome!! We are seriously lucky to be gluten free and living in Portland. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that it just wasn’t accepted.

  • Harpreet / 5 June 2013 3:28

    have a great anniversary guys – an origrami giveaway fits in perfectly (and meaningfully so!) with the paper theme. here’s an instagram i’d love to see printed –


    its a night shot of the beautifully chaotic railway station at new delhi, the city i’ve been living in for three years now. shall make for a nice print memoir i think!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:53

      Thank you so very much Harpreet! That is such a dramatic scene that you captured….

  • Harpreet / 5 June 2013 3:32

    In addition – liked Origrami and EE on Facebook

  • Harpreet / 5 June 2013 3:34

    Already following and a bigtime Origrami fan on Instagram

  • Harpreet / 5 June 2013 3:34

    Followed Origrami on Twitter!

  • Harpreet / 5 June 2013 3:40

    A-N-D shared the giveaway on Twitter with hashtag #endlesslyenraptured and #origrami

  • Acey / 5 June 2013 3:57

    Yay! One year! Congrats! 🙂

    I’d love to a print of this photo I took at Tent Rocks in New Mexico during our honeymoon: http://instagram.com/p/ZwN4l8ov92/

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2013 6:26

      You’ll be celebrating your first year before you know it. It goes by way too quickly. That is such a gorgeous instagram…

  • Acey / 5 June 2013 5:59

    Then again, I’d also like a print of Marcus blowing bubbles the day after our wedding 🙂


  • BoycalledBen / 5 June 2013 7:31

    Already doing so, done, done and done.

    Congratulations guys! It’s great to see two people so happy together.

    I couldn’t decide between http://instagram.com/p/UOqIRkIWCv/ and this http://instagram.com/p/aEKeuWoWCZ/ but decided to go for the latter, as the story behind it means so much more than the first.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 June 2013 12:13

      Aw, thank you so much Ben! Both of those instagrams are hauntingly beautiful! And lucky for you, if you win you get a whole set so you can just print them both!

  • stacey / 5 June 2013 8:18

    I follow Origrami on Instagram!

  • Laicie / A Thousand Threads / 5 June 2013 10:16

    SO cool!! Your anniversary gifts and this giveaway. Happy anniversary!! How exciting to hit #1. 🙂

    This is one of my favorite instagram shots, from our trip to Nova Scotia. http://instagram.com/p/PpdclEyNSw/

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 June 2013 12:10

      It’s been the best and quickest year of my life. I feel very blessed. That instagram is lovely! I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Nova Scotia…

  • angela glatz / 6 June 2013 8:31

    ooo what awesomeness is origrami!
    so i’ve liked all y’all on facebook & followed ya on instagram & twitter.
    here’s one of my fave instagram photos that i’d die to have in origrami-style hard copy: http://instagram.com/p/Y8R6sNOZyO/ {captured my daughters & my nieces unawares from behind} .
    and i hope it’s not cheating but this one is another similar concept http://instagram.com/p/YoMK5iuZ_A/ that would be a blessing for many years to come to have in the form of orgrami goodness as well.
    p.s. many happy returns on your special 1st anniversary. we just celebrated ours too. what blisses & kisses!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 7 June 2013 3:04

      Thank you so much Angela! Oh my, those instagrams are the sweetest!!

  • Aviva / 6 June 2013 10:52

    So much loveliness!

    Congratulations on what looks like a lovely year, and here’s (at least one) photo I’d definitely print from this weekend:


    • endlesslyenraptured / 7 June 2013 3:07

      Thank you Aviva! It really was a beautiful year. Gosh, that instagram looks heavenly…

  • Latrina / 7 June 2013 12:58

    Oh, I love this for so many reasons! What a brilliant idea, so creative and the prints are just about the cutest thing ever. I love that it’s a husband + wife duo too. 🙂 That just tops it off for me.

    I’d probably get this photo (http://instagram.com/p/Z3DZFejMFq/) printed because it pretty much sums up my time living here in California. This is me, happy. Perfectly content + blissfully in love with nature.

  • Latrina / 7 June 2013 1:00

    Additional entry: I’m already following you on FB and now I am following Origrami on FB!

  • Latrina / 7 June 2013 1:00

    Additional entry: Following Origrami on Twitter! 🙂

  • Latrina / 7 June 2013 1:04

    Additional entry: Shared this on my tumblr. 🙂 at: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/oftreesandhues

  • Cindy Loughridge / 7 June 2013 6:21

    You two are the cutest. Love your love.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 8 June 2013 6:48

      Aw, thank you sweet Cindy. And I love watching the love between you and your amazing family!

  • Kate Lewis / 12 June 2013 3:41

    What a great idea! I absolutely love the presentation from oragrami and I hope you pics my little photo from Central Park in NYC.


    If we are allowed to enter another, I have a couple cute pics of my pup sure to tug a few heart strings. lol

  • Kate Lewis / 12 June 2013 3:56

    Additional entry: I shared on both facebook pages! <3

  • Kate Lewis / 12 June 2013 4:01

    Additional entry: I shared on twitter and followed origrami and you too!

  • Kate Lewis / 12 June 2013 4:02

    Additional entry: I already follow them on Instagram. wooh!

  • Youa / 14 June 2013 6:16

    How fun!

    I would print this instagram of my sisters and I: http://instagram.com/p/Yl5kxmoEpP/

    I also am a fan of your fb and Origrami’s as well.

    Good luck to everyone!


    • endlesslyenraptured / 17 June 2013 5:25

      Aw, that is such a lovely instagram of you and your sisters!

  • Life with Kaishon / 17 June 2013 4:40

    I am sad I missed this giveaway, Jade, because these are GORGEOUS! So gorgeous in fact, I am going over right this second to find out more about them! Thank you for sharing : ).

    PS I think you would be a fantastic illustrator. I love your art : ).

    • endlesslyenraptured / 17 June 2013 5:21

      Aw, thank you so, so much. That just fills my heart with joy. And guess what!? There is still a few hours left to enter!! Just share a link to an instagram of yours that you would get printed!