'24/52' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

We found a new apartment!! Our lease isn’t up till the end of the month but we already have the keys to our new place which means there is plenty of time for cleaning and painting before moving all of our stuff over. Our new place definitely has it’s quirks, but makes up for it in charm and location.

And now, a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week…

Inspired by Andrea‘s recent Paris post. I hope I get to share an adventure like that with my own children someday.

Dreaming of beach adventures.

Can’t wait to decorate our new apartment. This will be our first real home together and we’re looking forward to collecting quality pieces to turn it into the sanctuary we’ve always wanted. I know it will be a long process (lets face it, we are on a tight budget), but I’m thrilled at all the possibilities and seeing how it comes to come together over the next year. This print, this couch, this bed and this table are all on my radar.

Wouldn’t mind being a member of Soter Vineyard‘s Mineral Springs Wine Club. Cory and I just had a tasting at their incredible property and they are a class act. Can’t wait to share more.

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 | 2 3 4 5

'24/52' by Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

Inspired by photographer  Josh Wool.

Dreaming of seeing Paul Live.

Can’t wait to go to Sweden to see this with my own eyes..

Wouldn’t mind seeing ‘This is the End.’

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 | 2 | 3 4 | 5

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  • Anna / 15 June 2013 4:09

    Congrats on the new apartment it looks lovely. We have that Nixon sofa it just wish we’d gotten velvet fabric because our cat snags it.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 15 June 2013 5:39

      Thank you so much! And, oh, thanks for the tip: we will probably be adopting two kitties of our own soon so that is good to know…

  • Vickie / 15 June 2013 12:04

    Congrats on your new place – the entrance looks lovely 🙂

  • Julianna / 22 June 2013 11:23

    Oh my goodness Jade ,this looks gorgeous and so full of charm and possibilities . Congrats !

    So jealous of all the flower market on your blog lately by the way.