Fetching Frames & A Giveaway! {Closed}

Fetching Frames & A Giveaway! {Closed}

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #cat

I have needed to wear glasses since I was in 2nd grade. I knew that I wanted to have a pair just like my best friend, Chris. He had a pair of rounded, brown tortoiseshell rims and I had always admired them. When I finally got my glasses on Friday after school, I wore them proudly all weekend long and thought I was pretty dang cool. But Monday morning came, and I was in for a rude awakening. When I walked into the classroom with my new stylish specs, my arch nemesis Laura looked at me, laughed and then persisted to call me four eyes the entire day. Other classmates joined in and continued this with her. After a week of relentless teasing and name calling, I never wore those glasses again. That is until freshman year of high school when I was straining to see the whiteboard from the back of the room. I started to understand that ‘Wow, I actually do need glasses!’ I quickly got over my childhood trauma and sighed in relief when I finally got a new pair and was able to see… well, EVERYTHING!

Since then, I have had lots of different frames and styles. Some that were really great and some that were huge style mistakes. After Jade and I had been together for a few years, she too ended up having to get glasses. I guess when you strain your eyes working for years as an artist, your bound to end up needing glasses. In the past few years we have gotten into designer lenses. We knew we wanted to form a partnership with a frame design company that had affordable products and a positive message behind what they were doing. We found exactly what we were looking for when we discovered Fetch Eyewear.

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

Fetch is a Portland based, small online business that provides stylish, well-designed frames with both prescription and non-prescription lenses. They even have sunglasses! But their awesome products are only the tip of the iceberg of their business’ awesomeness. Their mission and commitment is to donate all corporate profits to the Pixie Project in support of animal rescue, accessible veterinary care and education programs. We are both big supporters of animal adoption and pet rescue. Jade has even done work with Oregon Humane Society (you can see her hand painted mural in one of their catteries). Fetch has all the things we look for in a business and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with them and visit their beautiful work space.

We were able to go in and meet Jill and Kristen, two of the wonderful faces that make up the Fetch team. They are seriously some of the sweetest, most generous people we have ever met. They let us photograph their collection in their conference room and we were even joined by the office feline, Georgie, who is absolutely adorable and ever so friendly (well, most of the time). We pretty much had a mini photo shoot with her, but if you know cats, it was short lived and her attention was diverted elsewhere. We basically tried on their whole collection and had an absolute blast. We now sport our very own Fetch eyewear wherever we go and I can honestly say they are the most stylish and professional pair of glasses I have ever owned.

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured

Today, the lovely individuals at Fetch Eyewear are giving away a pair of glasses or sunglasses to one incredibly lucky winner!

To enter:

1. Visit Fetch Eyewear and tell us which style you would choose if you won! This entry is mandatory in order to win.

2. For an extra entry, “Like” both Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and Endlessly Enraptured on Facebook. Then leave a comment below telling us you’ve done so.

3. For a third entry, follow Fetch Eyewear on Instagram and tell us below.

4. For a fourth entry, spread the word about this giveaway on one of your social media outlets (facebook, twitter, etc) and tell us below. Please include a link to your post.

The giveaway ends July 17th at midnight. A winner will be chosen at random and we’ll update this post with the name of the winner on Friday, July 19th. Best of luck everyone! Congratulations Lucy Smith! Please contact us to claim your prize!

'Fetch Eyewear Giveaway' on Endlessly Enraptured #endlesslyenraptured #cat

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  • Sonja / 10 July 2013 7:10

    It’s a close call between Milo and Tracy! I’d probably have to try on to know for sure 🙂 Lots of cute glasses though! I’ve been a glasses gal for many years… And could really use a new pair!

  • Sonja / 10 July 2013 7:11

    I’m also following Fetch Eyewear on Instagram!

  • Emily mason / 10 July 2013 11:26

    I love Fetch’s style and choices! I would choose Margot Sun if I won! Beautiful!!

  • Emily mason / 10 July 2013 11:35

    I also liked you both on FB and shared your link on my Twitter! twitter.com/bigstarstudios

  • Hayley bustos / 10 July 2013 2:00

    Adorable specs!! I went to the site and after much pondering I think I would choose “Reese in Quarry”. Absolutely love these glasses, thanks for sharing and I hope I get picked!! 🙂

  • Hayley bustos / 10 July 2013 2:03

    I liked you both on Facebook! 🙂

  • Samantha s. / 10 July 2013 2:42

    I have tried on and fell in love with the Darby style glasses, though I must admit, “Margot” is a close second! What an awesome company; stylish frames and it helps furry friends? yes please! http://www.fetcheyewear.com/product/darby/CameoFade/designer-glasses

    (also, I’ve completed steps 2 & 3! ) Thanks guys!

  • Laicie / 10 July 2013 2:45

    Love them!! I don’t wear glasses, but I’ve wanted to since I was a kid (that’s weird, I know… really, I like my good eyes, I’ll keep them… glasses are just so much fun ha). Since I don’t wear glasses, though, I have a TON of sunglasses… I love the reese sunnies… especially in that pretty pacific blue!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 11 July 2013 9:29

      Haha! Girl, that isn’t crazy at all! I always have thought glasses were such a lovely accessory!

  • Carrie Anne / 10 July 2013 2:45

    It’s hard to decide, they’re all so cute & stylish!! But the first frames that caught my eye was the “Baxter”.

    Also, I’m now following Fetch EyeWear on Instagram.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful company with us! Amazing glasses with a conscious? Love!

  • cindy / 10 July 2013 2:58

    I love that Fetch works with animal rescue and health…we have a rescue dog (abandoned twice!) and it has been so rewarding to adopt a misunderstood animal.

    I started wearing glasses in college after I started to get crazy headaches…and, now, they are my favorite accessory! I am loving those Margot frames in Dusk and the Andy frames in Olive Tortoise!

    • cindy / 10 July 2013 2:59

      Oh! and I liked both on Facebook and shared on twitter 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 11 July 2013 9:32

      Aw, I’m so happy your dog found a forever home with you! I am also a headache sufferer but things have definitely gotten better since wearing glasses. Now I’m obsessed with having different styles! Haha!

  • Mark Mirocha / 10 July 2013 3:13

    Wow, rad! I didn’t realize that they were so affordable. I’ve been so spoiled by the affordability of Warby Parker in the last few years, that I have just assumed that I would buy all of my glasses from them going forward. I’m stoked to see that Fetch is doing a similar business model as WP and they are local. I actually have gotten 2 home try on trials from WP (10 frames) in the past month and haven’t found anything that I love. I’m going to try the Dash and Charlie and see what I think. Thanks for sharing for nerdy glasses wearers like me! Oh, and I followed them on all the social medias. 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 11 July 2013 9:34

      Aren’t they the coolest!!? And I just love that they are giving their proceeds to animal rescue. It makes my little Portland heart go pitter pat!

  • Brandi Sims / 10 July 2013 5:14

    I would love to wear the Sadie (OliveTortoise)! <3

  • Brandi Sims / 10 July 2013 5:15

    I have “liked” both on Facebook!

  • Lucy Smith / 10 July 2013 5:25

    Hey guys, great giveaway! I’d would love to get the Alex in Marine. I Like you and Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and follow Fetch Eyerwear on Instagram and I shared the giveaway on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10151544050768310&id=758308309&notif_t=close_friend_activity

  • Wayne Smith / 10 July 2013 5:33

    I like the style Jack, the military green ones (though the ochre is nice, too).

    And yes, I follow you both on FB and on Instagram. 🙂 And here’s my fourth entry, the link to my post on twitter: http://twitter.com/smithandfritzy

  • Jenna / 10 July 2013 5:41

    Love the Felix Sun in olive tortoise. And love that Fetch supports animal rescue and adoption.

  • KC / 10 July 2013 5:53

    I love the Jill! I’m crazy about tortoise colored glasses. They look great with my funky redhead vibe! I’ve liked them and you on Facebook and Instagram!

  • Katy / 10 July 2013 6:25

    Margot!!! So cute and just a smidge unique! So sweet! Fingers crossed.

  • elizabeyta / 10 July 2013 6:25

    Reese in Bourbon. I was looking for frames and now I have a place to look!

  • Katy / 10 July 2013 6:26

    I follow y’all and fetch eyewear on instagram!

  • Michelle Warnke / 10 July 2013 6:58

    My fave is Reese in Pacific!

  • Michelle Warnke / 10 July 2013 6:58

    And I like both on facebook!

  • Lily / 10 July 2013 6:59

    Adorable Margot Suns in dusk, please!

  • Susanne / 10 July 2013 7:21

    I love the Andy Tortoise:)

  • Susanne / 10 July 2013 7:22

    I ‘like’ Fetch and Endlessly Enraptured on FB:)

  • Inga / 10 July 2013 8:09

    I’d get Margot in hickory tortoise.

  • Inga / 10 July 2013 8:10

    I like both Fetch Eyewear on Facebook and Endlessly Enraptured on Facebook.

    facebook: Inga Kaye

  • Lynn Walker / 10 July 2013 8:16

    I would love to own either the Andy Sun or the Felix Sun….both are beautiful.

  • Lynn Walker / 10 July 2013 8:22

    I already follow Fetch on Facebook and just got done liking Endlessly Enraptured. I also shared your post with my FB friends.

    Thanks for this great contest……

  • Corey / 10 July 2013 8:33

    The Margot sunnies all the way!

  • Corey / 10 July 2013 8:34

    I have liked Fetch on FB and endlessly enraptured

  • Ravina S / 10 July 2013 10:11

    I love the Darby sunglasses! So chic!

  • Ann / 10 July 2013 11:04

    Darby or Tracy, although I love the Margot in blue

  • MJ Moore / 10 July 2013 11:46

    I am IN LOVE with Pepper! I count myself lucky that the cat eye came back about the time I caved and got glasses. The Pepper is my favorite I’ve seen, by far. Perfect design- amazing it went through so many iterations before they were ‘just right’. Says a lot about the company’s commitment to detail!

    I like both Facebook pages, I’m @silvertapestry on Instagram, and here’s my tweet: https://twitter.com/butterflyrouge/status/355108293892517888

  • DESPINA / 10 July 2013 11:54

    I adore the Margot Sun (HickoryTortoise) <3 <3

  • DESPINA / 11 July 2013 12:00

  • DESPINA / 11 July 2013 12:01

    I like both pages on FB as Despina Vnt

  • Joanna / 11 July 2013 12:02

    the Margot Sun is a dreamy pair

  • Fotis / 11 July 2013 12:02

    I’d probably choose the Felix Sun

  • alison weaver / 11 July 2013 12:50

    hi pixie friends… well, i already like you on facebook and follow you on instagram, but i’m still gonna tell you that i love the greta sunglasses in crystal and have wanted them since i went to the launch party at spirit of ’77. fingers-crossed that i win. xoxo pixie kitties and pups!

  • e / dig in hobart / 11 July 2013 5:15

    You look gorgeous in just about all of them! i adore the candy pink ones and the dusky graduated pink ones with your red hair! gah, i’m in australia so i’m probably not eligible, so i’m just telling you how fab you look 🙂

  • Nina / 11 July 2013 10:38

    I adore the Margot frames in Hickory Tortoise!

  • Nina / 11 July 2013 10:39

    I have liked both pages on Facebook

    FB: Niña Sagarbarria

  • Nina / 11 July 2013 10:40

    I follow Fetch Eyewear on instagram @fetusdumplings

  • Mike Dalton / 11 July 2013 2:18

    I love the Jack Sun (Sepia)’s!! Hope I win 🙂


  • Mike Dalton / 11 July 2013 2:19

    Following Fetch on Facebook and Instagram!

  • Ali Mackin / 11 July 2013 5:56

    Ah what a great company! And I love that they give back. I love their website and interface and the shape face finding feature. I guess I have an oval face which is a a nice way of saying a long face with a long chin. I like the Tracy Sun, sunglasses. Not sure if they are the same as what you are wearing but they seem like they would suit my have a bit more square to balance out the longness of my face.

    And done, done, and done, : ) and be sure to check out my tweet!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  • Briana Morrison / 11 July 2013 6:56

    I absolutely love Sadie in Ballet. Such pretty colors and I think the slight cat eye will be fun.

  • Briana Morrison / 11 July 2013 6:57

    I follow you both on FB! 🙂

  • Briana Morrison / 11 July 2013 6:58

    I follow Fetch on Instagram.

  • Briana Morrison / 11 July 2013 7:07

    I also shared a link on Facebook. (I could really use a new pair of glasses!) 😉

  • jamie / 11 July 2013 9:04

    Scrolling down! A lot of entries!
    1) I’d love the Sadie or the Carolyn! Who knows until you try them on?
    2) I’ve liked them on IG
    3) Liked you both on FB
    4) Shared your status on my page: https://www.facebook.com/maventheavenger but there’s no direct link to a share… 🙁

  • Rhonda / 12 July 2013 12:38

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fabulous, good cause frames. Hard to choose, but I’ll go with Pepper!
    I’ve liked both Endlessly Enraptured and Fetch facebook pages, am now following Fetch on Instagram, and I’ve placed a public post link to this giveaway at: https://www.facebook.com/rhonda.vanderbeek

  • Rebekah Shirey / 12 July 2013 2:53

    My favorite would have to be Gretta! They are so perfect!

  • Rebekah Shirey / 12 July 2013 2:54

    I followed you both on facebook.

  • Rebekah Shirey / 12 July 2013 2:56

    Following fetch eye wear on instagram.

  • Dianne / 12 July 2013 4:41

    Darby sun in Cameo Fade or Hugo sun in Hickory Tortoise or Darby cameo fade perscription, hard to pick!!

  • Dianne / 12 July 2013 4:42

    I also liked both on FB!

  • Elissa / 12 July 2013 5:50

    I am in love with those very oval ones that you’re wearing (second from the bottom)… are they the Gretta? I’d definitely choose those if I won!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 12 July 2013 10:48

      Yes, those are the Gretta! Aren’t they so fun and stylish!? Best of luck to you!

  • Anna / 12 July 2013 10:19

    I am wearing the same old glasses I got back in 2008, when I first realized I needed vision correction. I checked out the Fetch website and I really love the Margot style in ‘dusk.’ They’re a great shape!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 12 July 2013 11:40

      I adore the Margot! It’s time you won some new ones! Good luck!!

  • Jessica / 17 July 2013 6:55

    Sadie or Charlie are favorites!

  • Jessica / 17 July 2013 6:58

    and liked Fetch on FB (already liked endlessly enraptured). Thanks so much!