Our First Walk Around London

Our First Walk Around London


The second day of our trip was really our first full day in London. When we arrived we were just simply so sleep deprived and exasperated, we pretty much just had to lay in bed in our suite and slowly fade into unconsciousness. When we awoke, we ordered coffee and tea. Soaking in the beauty and luxury of our suite while sipping on tea and eating fruit was honestly the best way to shake off some of our jet-lag. We glanced out into Hyde Park Corner where we could see the enormous Wellington Arch towering into the sky with its statue of an angle of peace riding a quadriga chariot of war. It sounds pretty scary, but is really quite beautiful.

We knew when we were planning our trip that we wanted to walk the streets of London and Paris in style. You know, a few pieces that are really special. We wanted to be able to incorporate a few brilliant artisans and shop owners we know on our journey so we reached out to some of our favorites to create some partnerships. In doing that we were able to dress ourselves incredibly chic, dapper and all together made us feel like we belonged even more. Staying in The Lanesborough one doesn’t simply snap on a fanny pack and throw on a t-shirt. After getting our fill of rest and relaxation, in room movie watching, and gazing out the windows for the day, we decided to dress to the nines and take a stroll before we would go to our scheduled Afternoon Tea at Apsleys. We walked out on to Hyde Park Corner and then into the glorious gates of Hyde Park itself. Though we didn’t wander far from the gates into the park, we were able to enjoy the beauty of the architecture and the strangely gorgeous weather. After snapping a few photographs and admiring the Frenchie near the hotdog cart we passed, it was time to head back for tea. The rest of our night thereafter was spent in our room, enjoying our full tummies and the luxury of an enormous bathtub.


*The 1950’s White and Blue Floral Dress and Powder Blue Topper Jade is wearing is from Xtabay Vintage, one of our favorite vintage women’s boutiques in all of the Northwest. The fine fellows of Harding & Wilson lent us a plethora of ties for our trip. My tweed suit jacket, vest and blue button down was provided by Duchess Clothier. I never wanted to take it off. A very Special thanks to Xtabay, Harding & Wilson and Duchess for lending us their beautiful garments. We have a more from these style partnerships and others we are excited to share in the coming week… but we won’t let too much slip. Just know we definitely consider ourselves Lucky

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  • Juanita / 23 October 2013 3:09

    Absolutely love when I haven’t visited in a few days and then I return and find……searching for the words….Sublime Opulence. You two received London and then gave to others so generously. Thank you. Now let me go make a cup of tea… 🙂

  • kahleel / 1 November 2013 9:36

    I love the photos. I was in Paris in August and fell in love with the city. I was obsessed with taking photos. It is the perfect place to become obsessed with.
    Thanks for sharing your view of the beautiful city.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 1 November 2013 6:25

      Thank you. I couldn’t agree more: Paris is a very special place. I cannot wait to return…