So, we have made it through the first of this wonderful seasons’ holidays. Even though I didn’t get to go out trick-or-treating (believe me I would have if Jade would let me) and I had to work last night and miss out on the festivities, we still had A LOT of fun last weekend dressing up and doing our annual Halloween festivities. This is one of the first times ever in my adulthood that I actually wish I had kids to take out trick-or-treat’ing so I can live vicariously through them. Honestly, I have been seeing babies and kids lately and longing for one or two of my own. Isn’t that freaky?! It is for me. I am really not in a time in my life where kids are an option. I would like to have an established career, a decent savings, and an actual home to raise them before the idea of having them would even seem feasible. I think Jade and I have both been waiting for our little brothers (we have one each) to have a kid… not that they are in a place to have kids either. Speaking of life choices, my brother has now graduated with his degree and has signed a contract to be shipped out to South Korea to teach English for a year (or maybe more) in February of next year. If you knew my brother you would understand that this is a pretty crazy and outlandish thing for him to do. I am happy for him though and am glad he is moving away to experience more of life and change and grow for the better, hopefully.

For those of you who wished me luck on my interview last week, THANK YOU! I think your positivity and kind words helped me keep my head while navigating the questions they threw at me. I will hear back next week if I make it to the next round of interviews. Is it just me, or does it seem like interviewing for jobs these days is a crazier process than ever? 3 interviews? Wow. Then again, when you have two hundred plus applicants for one position, I suppose you need to have a couple rounds of interviews just to thin out the herd. The unemployment level these days is staggering. Okay, enough of the random thoughts in a blog post. This weekend we will be doing more renovations to our apartment; painting the bathroom, kitchen, and possibly the living room. What about you? Any plans this weekend?

And now, a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week…


Inspired by this Tim Burton inspired photo shoot.

Dreaming of taking photographs in the french countryside.

Can’t wait to get a new headboard.

Wouldn’t mind adding The Wes Anderson Collection to my coffee table.

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Inspired by our new blog header photos! They are all from our trip to Europe. Now every time I visit our blog, I am reminded of all the beauty I saw when we were there and how I want to strive to make another expedition to Europe happen!

Dreaming of owning a new Scion iQ… I need a new car so bad.

Can’t wait to eat dinner at the new Broder location, Broder Nord!

Wouldn’t mind going as Salvador Dali next Halloween…

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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  • Corina Nika / 1 November 2013 11:17

    you’ve got such a wonderful, blog and lovely photography
    New fan over here!!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 1 November 2013 6:25

      Aw, I am so happy to hear that Corina! Thank you…

  • Molly {Dreams in HD} / 1 November 2013 12:32

    i was just admiring your new blog header photos, wondering why i hadn’t noticed they were in paris earlier. i guess that explains why!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    • endlesslyenraptured / 1 November 2013 6:22

      Aw, thank you! We took so many instant film shots while in London & Paris I couldn’t resist creating a new header with them 🙂

  • Eva | Adventures in Cooking / 5 November 2013 12:34

    Awww I hope it all went well Cory! And I’ve been having such fun looking through the pictures from your guys’ trip, I’ve got the travel bug so bad right now it’s driving me crazy haha. Seriously beautiful pictures, and SO much tasty food! 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 November 2013 6:10

      Thanks love! The interview went well and now the waiting begins. You have no idea how much we want to pick up and go traveling again. It’s so addicting…

  • anne / 13 May 2015 11:51

    love love love ur blog!!!! i sneak a peak every chance i get, even at work (where i can get in trouble! lol!) and every morning when i’m gettin ready for work. i also keep thinking it is jade’s blog, lol. u two are so cute!!!! 🙂