Around the Royal Academy of Art

Around the Royal Academy of Art


Walking the streets of London was like no experience I have ever had in a big city. Granted I have only been to a few cities (Portland, Seattle, Los Angelas), but London’s streets had extra bustle in them. It wasn’t the kind of rushed activity though that one would want to immediately escape. No, at the time I simply reveled in the moments of seeing people of incredible diversity mill around and exist. Each city I have been to has had a distinctively unique vibe to them and this one fascinated the both of us I think. While we were walking through the streets we tried to keep a sharp eye for any places that were particularly interesting to us that we might want to stop and enjoy for a few moments. We walked past the Royal Academy of Arts on our way to breakfast and knew that once we came back that way, we would need to go in and check it out.


The entrance of the educational institution was gilded by massive gates and a rather narrow entry way, where only one vehicle could come in and out at a time. We walked in to the courtyard and were taken aback by the beauty in design and architecture that surrounded us. This place was massive. I could gaze in a full 360 and see stone and doorways, gates and lamp posts, all looking like they were out of a Dickens novel. This would be perfect for a little photo shoot! We had planned to take some photos of each other to capture our style of that day. Before we came to London we knew that we would like to dress comfortably but look chic and put together too. All to often do you see the stereotypical American tourist in an ill fitting pair of jeans or khakis and whatever comfortable t-shirt they could throw on that day walking about with their camera and maps. I did not want to be that guy.

We consulted with our friends at Lucky Brand to help us create some unique looks that we could easily change up while in London; stylish pieces that we could use for going out exploring during the day as well as use in the evening if we wanted to go out for a night on the town. They helped us put together these outfits and we decided that these looks would be part of a distinct series we would do called “Lucky in London.” We had key pieces to our wardrobe like button downs and the perfect fit of jeans as well as distinct pieces of outerwear, like my leather jacket and Jade’s teal and black tweed jacket. It’s rare that  I feel ‘cool’ while traveling, but this time I felt dapper. Even my canvas drivers cap is from Lucky! I was ecstatic to find that they had one like this since I have been on the hunt for a new cap for years.

A huge thank you to Lucky Brand, Carrie Pezzuti, and our local Lucky Brand team. Other items featured in our post were our Fetch Eyewear glasses and sunglasses / Jade’s darling illustrated fiddle playing fox necklace by Julianna Swaney / my brilliant bowtie by Harding & Wilson Jason Wu Gran Tourista tote won by Jade in conjunction with our stay at St. Regis in London / my Georgio Brutini boots and Jade’s ShoeMint booties

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  • petal and plume / 8 November 2013 11:52

    so gorgeous!

  • Laicie / A Thousand Threads / 9 November 2013 1:36

    Sounds like such an amazing trip — and you two look great!! Jade – that jacket omg, so good. Love it all!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 9 November 2013 1:35

      Isn’t that jacket AMAZING!? Been living in it…

  • Vickie / 9 November 2013 4:36

    you two look great – I love Jade’s jacket!

  • robert quiet photographer / 31 August 2014 11:52

    Great! Beautiful photos, and I love the …Polaroid sx70!

  • Monica / 15 June 2015 1:53

    Beautiful city portraits! Love your style here and the polaroids too of course 🙂