Where ONA Goes with Endlessly Enraptured

Where ONA Goes with Endlessly Enraptured


When deciding what I needed for my trip with Da Vinci Wines last year, I knew that I needed a new camera bag. You see, usually Cory carries around all our gear, but I was invited on this trip solo as one of their Story Tellers. I needed a bag that would carry all my gear comfortably… and would be stylish enough for traipsing around Tuscany. Enter ONA’s Brooklyn Bag. One of the best investments I made last year. I think what makes it especially great is that Cory loves carrying it too. Actually, I can safely say that Cory has taken it from me and it is now his bag! Guess that means I need The Chelsea as my own, right? Right!?

Then when we were planning our London trip I decided I definitely wanted to invest in one of their Presidio Straps. Well, you won’t believe it but I was lucky enough to win one a few weeks before we left! Completely meant to be. We absolutely adore it. Since we are such huge ONA fans, we were super excited to hear from them asking if we wanted to participate in one of their ‘Where the ONA Goes‘ features. See our feature on ONA’s blog.

Here are a few outtakes from our time roaming around our beloved home…






A special style thank you to Duchess Clothier for supplying Jade’s Peacoat and Harding & Wilson for Cory’s Bowtie.

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  • Nadya / 27 November 2013 9:36

    OMG! I have been dreaming about this bag almost for one year! My husband promised me this bag for Christmas this year. I cant wait to have it! : ) With you this camera bag looks even more stylish! : )

    • endlesslyenraptured / 27 November 2013 9:57

      Ahhh! I hope you get it and have lots of adventures with it. And, oh my goodness, you are too sweet! – Jade

  • Kim / 27 November 2013 12:07

    I’ve gone back and forth on Ona bags for so long! I wish there was a storefront I could fiddle with one. I have serious doubts that my beefy D3S would be compatible, but I just might buy one anyway.

  • chandra / 27 November 2013 2:39

    lovely blog! that bag looks perfect..

  • Christine / 28 November 2013 12:25

    Ahh their bags are gorgeous! I usually throw my camera in my purse without any real protection, but I’m thinking they would be MUCH safer in one of these beauties… 😉 And P.S. you guys look like a couple straight out of a magazine! xx

  • Marta @ What Should I eat for breakfast today / 28 November 2013 12:29

    I love this bag, I definitely need one as well. You’re so lucky to win one 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 December 2013 9:58

      We had to buy the bag, but it was worth saving for. We were fortunate enough to win the camera strap though!

  • Caitlin / 28 November 2013 6:25

    This bag is gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

  • Sid / 28 November 2013 2:23

    Ha! Such a cute bag. It use it for more than just lugging around my camera. I’d use it as a regular ole handbag.

  • Hana / 29 November 2013 10:28

    i love how the red lipstick just pops out like that!