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The past week has been chilly. Actually, no. It has been ridiculously freezing cold and we have not experienced this kind of cold this soon in the season here in Portland for years. In fact, it’s been record breaking low temperatures at night, ice on the roads, actual snow fall within Portland, and the Geese aren’t even sticking around long enough to say hello! We have a “charming” pre-war apartment with drafty, old, super thin windows, and radiator heating which just has not been doing the trick. We have two space heaters to provide additional heat and my parents surprised us with an early Christmas present… a heated electric blanket! It’s laughable, but this cold surely hasn’t been. I feel like the last few 52 weeks posts that I have written has just been me complaining about our life. We have so much wonderful stuff happening and to be thankful for, but the few things that are complain worthy have to be reported.

I would like this to be a time in our life where we look back, laugh and say, “wow, that was some hard stuff to go through, but I sure am glad we had each other…” Of course, I like to romanticize the past and embellish a bit. I do the same with the present. But this cold… no. Its been ridiculously cold. We have however taken advantage of the cold to wear lots and lots of layers, which both Jade and I love to do. Jade has a small collection of fur coats that have been passed down to her, so she is able to show them off and look stunning in them. I’ve grown in a bit of facial hair to combat some of the whipping winds. We have enjoyed some of the festivities our city has to offer including touring the decorated Pittock Mansion and getting out of the cold for a bit in some of our favorite haunts like Coava. We both really do love the holiday season and are so glad we have each other to enjoy it with. Now if only it would warm up just five or so more degrees…

And now, a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week…

Inspired by what Bob did for his wife.

Dreaming of the Christmas dinner at Dean Street Townhouse. You will be too once you read their menu.

Can’t wait to make these creamy dreamy peppermint patties. They are dairy and gluten free!

Wouldn’t mind having the new Naked Palette. It’s actually the palette I wish they would have made 3 years ago.

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Inspired by the generous and wonderful folks at Woodblock Chocolate! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway we are hosting with them!

Dreaming of owning or at least playing this gorgeous Ovation guitar… oh mah gawd…

Can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with our family… taking photos in the snow has always been one of my favorite things we do… now enjoy this throwback to one of our first holiday photos together in 2008!

Wouldn’t mind getting the time and money to record a new album, after not recording anything for a few years…

And, of course, 5 instagram favorites: 1 2 | 3 4 | 5

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  • Sid / 12 December 2013 11:09

    Jade looks so different with her longer hair.

  • beau / 13 December 2013 4:22

    Love the way you look Jade! Would you ever consider making a make-up tutorial?

    • endlesslyenraptured / 13 December 2013 11:42

      Aw, thank you so much! I have been toying with the idea of doing one for AGES. Maybe this new year is finally the year!

  • rikki / 13 December 2013 11:22

    gosh, your red lips. you wear it so very well. and i agree completely, sometimes, we need to be able to look back at those hard times to remind of us things to be thankful for later..