Barons Court

Barons Court


We spent a lot of the time our first few days in and around our hotel while in London. Between the ridiculously lovely suite we were staying in and the crippling jet lag, it was difficult to leave. We finally had recovered enough by day four to wander beyond the realms of our hotel’s district to outlying neighborhoods. We hopped on the tube and explored an area we had passed through when on our way to our hotel a few days before. We formerly thought the area itself was called ‘Barons Court,’ which I think is understandable given most of the tube stop names have direct correlation to the area in which they stop in. But this tube stop is actually in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. I adore the name of this area even more than ‘Barons Court’ because of its seemingly whimsical and fairytale like connotation. I associate most anything overly English sounding with story books and nursery rhymes (I blame Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks). It’s funny the things we encase in our memory from childhood and how they stick with us through our life.

After arriving, we wandered through the streets and explored. American architecture is inspired by a million different discombobulated things but these English homes seem to have their own unique style and whimsy that we just don’t get to experience in the states. We couldn’t help but fantasize about living in a flat of our own, if not in this area then at least in another outlying borough of the city. I imagine a beautiful little flat, two stories, possibly a back yard with a garden, a place where we could fall deeper in love with each other and the new city we live in. I know now it all seems like a dream but I believe dreams can become reality if you work hard enough to make them happen. I’m excited to see how our future unfolds and when we find ourselves in London next…








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Thank you to Lucky Brand and our local Lucky Brand team for providing us with our Lucky in London outfits. My grey sweater, cardinal chambray, canvas drivers cap and blue jeans are all Lucky. Jade’s  leather jacket, blue chambray, and blue jeans are as well. Other items featured in our post were my Fetch Eyewear glasses /  both Jade and I are wearing brilliant bowties by Harding & Wilson / Jade’s Jason Wu Gran Tourista tote won by Jade in conjunction with our stay at St. Regis in London / Jade’s ShoeMint booties/ my Brooklyn bag by ONA

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