Shake Shack at Covent Garden

Shake Shack at Covent Garden

Shake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly Enraptured

I think that has become pretty obvious by the things we post on Endlessly Enraptured most of the time that Jade and I like to explore and discover new places to eat and take in local culture. We have both been wanting to try Shake Shack for ages now, since seeing the cheesy, fresh burgers covering our instagram feeds. When we found out last summer that a new location had just opened in London’s Covent Garden we were pretty much dead set on making it a day destination during our trip. We aren’t always the typical burger and fries eating Americans that most folks in our country are. But when we heard the reviews and praise that a Shake Shack had received, we couldn’t ignore the chance to at least try it.

After we spent some time touring the neighborhood around Barons Court, we hopped back on the tube to the Covent Garden tube stop. Once we emerged from the underground I was pretty baffled by the amount of people milling around. Covent Garden is a bustling, clamorous district of London, bursting with life on every corner. There are street performers dancing and stacking themselves on top of each other, ones that are putting on magic shows and some who are simply pouring their hearts out through song. This is one of the most high traffic areas in London since it is filled with an enormous amount of stores, shops, and restaurants. I hadn’t prepared myself for the hustle and bustle of the area. After being in the quiet borough of Hammersmith and Fulham earlier that morning, this was crazy-town.

Shake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly Enraptured

I quickly overcame my inhibitions and allowed my hunger to fuel my pursuit of Shake Shack. When we arrived at the line I knew there was no way I would waiver: we were getting Shake Shack today. We excitedly took our place, patiently waiting and gazing over their menu. We would each get a standard Shack Burger and fries, and would share the days special Concrete, which was coffee and cream flavored custard with doughnut pieces mixed in. This would be the most American meal we ate on our whole trip. After a brief wait and my order buzzer going off, I picked up our meal and we snagged our seats. The burger was full of flavor with the perfect ratio of tomato and lettuce to hamburger. The bun was light, crispy on the inside and did not overwhelm the whole burger experience. The fries were crunchy on the outside and almost creamy on the inside, a consistency that Jade and I both appreciate to the fullest in a fry. But the creme de la creme was the Concrete. It was ridiculous. It was exactly what you might think dumping a pot of coffee and cream with a dozen doughnuts into an ice cream maker might taste light: absolute sweet frozen perfection. Shake Shack was one hundred percent worth wading through the crowds and waiting in line. It solidified my desires of traveling to New York soon to try other Shake Shack locations.

Shake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly Enraptured

After our meal we continued to tour around Covent Garden. It was exactly the exercise we needed to burn of those calories…

Shake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly EnrapturedShake Shack at Covent Garden by Endlessly Enraptured

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  • Laicie / A Thousand Threads / 13 January 2014 3:28

    Ahhhh Shake Shack!! It’s so good! And everything about this looks amazing. What a great trip!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 13 January 2014 4:58

      I’m almost mad that we ate it since now we crave it and don’t have it here, haha!

  • Michelle / 13 January 2014 4:17

    I love you guys’s photos, but you literally have been posting about a trip that happened several months ago for the last few months now. It’s out of control at this point — how many more times can you milk this one trip?!

    Please come up with some more original content! It’s become such a bore reading your blog, to the point where I’m seriously considering unsubscribing you from my RSS.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 13 January 2014 4:48

      Hi Michelle! If you want to unsubscribe, I completely understand. And I honestly do appreciate your feedback. Our blog is about what has happened in our life and I would hate to not post certain photographs just because of time. It isn’t our intention to ‘milk’ anything. We simply want to share what we experienced. Honestly,I wish we could have caught up on our London photographs sooner but things have been busy and it has been hard to keep up on editing and posting. I think it’s impossible to keep everyone happy because if we actually were able to edit and write everything within a few weeks, then people would be sick about us posting about London every single day, ha! We decided to post one or two each week. As an artist I’ve really learned that you just have to go with what feels right to you. To me, I love the way we have been sharing. I think that your comment is actually the first negative comment I’ve ever received on our blog! This is our space. These are our memories. If what we are posting makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry for that. But I can’t say that we are going to change anything. We have put a lot of time and heart into editing our photographs and writing these posts, so this isn’t the last you will be seeing of London! And we still have Paris to share too! I hope you continue to follow along Michelle but if not, I hope you find what you are looking for in other blogs…

    • Jamie / 13 January 2014 8:22

      Wow! That takes balls to criticize someone for sharing beautiful content on their own personal blog.

      Jealous much? If you really are “bored” than unsubscribe and don’t make a big deal of it. Life is too short to be so negative.

  • Sarah Vinson / 13 January 2014 5:23

    I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying the London photos. I can’t wait for Paris!

    Your blog is an inspiration in making both the everyday and the extraordinary beautiful and accessible. I’m glad you won’t let one rude commenter (seriously, Michelle, that could have been phrased so much better) affect your craft!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 3:39

      Oh Sarah, thank you so much my dear. I think you truly understand the vision of our blog and I’m just so thankful for friends like you…

      – Jade

  • Jonathan Fleming / 13 January 2014 6:28

    Well said, Jade and Cory. I for one love your blog. I love the photographs, and I love the fact that every post is a genuine expression of how you’re experiencing life together as a couple. Anyone who’d take the time to criticize something so personal could better spend such time doing something positive and constructive, like creating their own original content. Keep up the good work =)

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 4:19

      Thank you Jonathan. I love your work and am so glad to be able to call you a friend. We started this blog to better experience the beauty of our city and grow closer as a couple. I’m thrilled that we have readers that have decided to join us on the journey. Like you said, anyone who would criticize something so personal just isn’t worth taking seriously. I can understand their point of view, but I can’t let that change what I believe is working. You are awesome Jonathan!

      – Jade

  • Ade / 14 January 2014 12:10

    Exquisite isn’t it, Covent Garden? I’ve walked those streets for a score years and still constantly discover the odd nook or cranny.

    And, you can’t please everyone. I for one can’t get enough of your London posts. And I live here. And what a magnificent response you pasted above. More please!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 4:02

      It truly is! We just didn’t get enough time there. Next time we are visiting, I’m definitely going to get there early and stay late.

      And, thank you. I love sharing about Portland, but I love sharing about other places too. Can’t wait so share more…

      – Jade

  • Vickie / 14 January 2014 3:06

    wonderful photos (those fries look awesome) – I love your London posts & looking forward to Paris too.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 3:55

      Thank you Vickie! They were delicious! And I can’t wait to share Paris, ah!!

      – Jade

  • T K Park / 14 January 2014 7:28

    Your photos are lovely, the posts are charming and honest. Thank you for sharing with us. Remember …be kind and compassionate and the world will be your friend (well almost all the time, anyway…but you can’t win ’em all!). peace

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 3:54

      Thank you TK. Your words mean a lot. I definitely work hard to put love out into the world and I know that not everyone is going to accept it. It used to be hard but now I’ve realized that the people who really care about you won’t judge you…

      – Jade

  • Ashlyn / 14 January 2014 8:44

    Firstly I would like to say that my ravenous cravings for burgers and fries are rare in coming but after this post my mouth is watering! Lovely pictures as always. I love hearing about the different aspects and moments of your London trip. Traveling is such a wonderful experience, even when it is second hand. 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 19 January 2014 3:37

      Thank you Ashlyn for your sweet sentiments! I’m not one to daydream about burgers either… but then I had Shake Shake and now my mind can’t help but think about the next time I’ll be able to have one, haha! And, I couldn’t agree more: if I can’t travel, I at least like to live vicariously through others’ travels and begin to plan my own trips to the wonderful places they share.

      – Jade

  • Carinah / 26 February 2014 9:48