I think that has become pretty obvious by the things we post on Endlessly Enraptured most of the time that Jade and I like to explore and discover new places to eat and take in local culture. We have both been wanting to try Shake Shack for ages now, since seeing the cheesy, fresh burgers covering our instagram feeds. When we found out last summer that a new location had just opened in London’s Covent Garden we were pretty much dead set on making it a day destination during our trip. We aren’t always the typical burger and fries eating Americans that most folks in our country are. But when we heard the reviews and praise that a Shake Shack had received, we couldn’t ignore the chance to at least try it.

After we spent some time touring the neighborhood around Barons Court, we hopped back on the tube to the Covent Garden tube stop. Once we emerged from the underground I was pretty baffled by the amount of people milling around. Covent Garden is a bustling, clamorous district of London, bursting with life on every corner. There are street performers dancing and stacking themselves on top of each other, ones that are putting on magic shows and some who are simply pouring their hearts out through song. This is one of the most high traffic areas in London since it is filled with an enormous amount of stores, shops, and restaurants. I hadn’t prepared myself for the hustle and bustle of the area. After being in the quiet borough of Hammersmith and Fulham earlier that morning, this was crazy-town.

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I quickly overcame my inhibitions and allowed my hunger to fuel my pursuit of Shake Shack. When we arrived at the line I knew there was no way I would waiver: we were getting Shake Shack today. We excitedly took our place, patiently waiting and gazing over their menu. We would each get a standard Shack Burger and fries, and would share the days special Concrete, which was coffee and cream flavored custard with doughnut pieces mixed in. This would be the most American meal we ate on our whole trip. After a brief wait and my order buzzer going off, I picked up our meal and we snagged our seats. The burger was full of flavor with the perfect ratio of tomato and lettuce to hamburger. The bun was light, crispy on the inside and did not overwhelm the whole burger experience. The fries were crunchy on the outside and almost creamy on the inside, a consistency that Jade and I both appreciate to the fullest in a fry. But the creme de la creme was the Concrete. It was ridiculous. It was exactly what you might think dumping a pot of coffee and cream with a dozen doughnuts into an ice cream maker might taste light: absolute sweet frozen perfection. Shake Shack was one hundred percent worth wading through the crowds and waiting in line. It solidified my desires of traveling to New York soon to try other Shake Shack locations.

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After our meal we continued to tour around Covent Garden. It was exactly the exercise we needed to burn of those calories…

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