How beautiful it was to look out the window of our suite and gaze upon the gated entrance to Hyde Park. We had spent a few moments walking around Hyde Park Corner before tea a day or two before, but we really hadn’t had the time to go deep into the park itself. Buttoning up our coats and slinging our cameras on, we started into the park and followed the North path along the Serpentine River. We knew it was a large park but I don’t think we truly grasped just how sprawling it was. The entire area covers 350 acres of land. My family’s farm is about 80 acres and I thought that was huge. The size only proved for a long and relaxing walk along the river, watching ducks, swans and geese splash about and wishing we could be as cool as all the rollerbladers speeding past us.  The air was cool but the sun was warm on our faces. Like Portland, London is known for being a bit rainy and dreary so when the sun is shining, people take the opportunity to get out in it.

IMG_9689 IMG_9695 IMG_9702 IMG_9724 IMG_9725

Now, let us take a moment to tell you about London squirrels. These squirrels are all sorts of crazy. They are completely unafraid of people. I knelt down as near as I could and began to speak squirrel (very accurately I might add) to them, holding out my hand to draw them near. I had not one, but two different squirrels approach me and sniff my hand for food. They even began following us when we walked away.

IMG_9772 IMG_9766 IMG_9777

We continued our way up through the Kensington Gardens area, covered in lush vegetation and brilliant flora, when we came across the stunning Italian Gardens. I can’t wait to go back there and spend some time reading by the fountains.

IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9790 IMG_9791 IMG_9794 IMG_9806

We made it to the North edge of the park where we followed the side walk, sprinkled with art for sale and quaint red telephone booths to our next destination, Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

IMG_9818 IMG_9813 IMG_9811 IMG_9816 IMG_9825

*Jade’s charming coat was lent to us from Duchess Clothier.

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