A Morning Stroll to Buckingham Palace

A Morning Stroll to Buckingham Palace


While we hadn’t planned to go to Buckingham Palace (crowds aren’t really our thing), but it seemed silly not to when we noticed on a map that we were in walking distance to it from where we were staying. We figured we would fit in a morning stroll over to it early in the morning. The air was cold so we bundled up and headed in the direction of the palace, hand in hand. To our surprise, we were there a mere six minutes later. I’ve always had a few issues judging distances on a map, but put the measured distance into kilometers and I’m pretty much lost.

Here we were though, in front of one of the most famous buildings in the world. Guilded gates, massive columns and ornate decor festooned all around. Perfectly fit for a Queen. There was a flash card game that I would play when I was a kid where we would have to identify world famous buildings and every time the friend or teacher would get to Buckingham Palace I would crack up. I’m not sure why. I knew the name of the palace by heart so when I tried to identify it I thought of a horse made of ham, bucking around. Bucking-Ham. Well, eight year old me thought it was hilarious and since then I have always wanted to visit it and experience the changing of the guard and we were lucky enough to arrive right when it was starting. Portobello Road may not look like a nineteenth century flea market like in Bed Knobs and Broomsticks anymore, but the design of the Queen’s guards uniforms haven’t changed too much in the past century or two, so I knew I would be in for a storybook quality treat. Standing amongst the noisy crowd didn’t even bother us at this point. Soon you heard a murmur spread throughout the crowd and above it the sound of a full marching band. Around the bend came the guard, lead by full band in regalia, with around twenty to forty foot soldiers. I love that this is a tradition that has been kept alive.










*Thank you to Lucky Brand and our local Lucky Brand team for providing us with our Lucky in London outfits. My canvas drivers cap, graphic t and blue jeans are all Lucky Brand as well as Jade’s comfortable french terry hoodie and blue jeans. Other items featured in this post include my Fetch Eyewear glasses, Fossil wrist watch,  J. Crew suit jacket, Brooklyn bag by ONAJade’s Jason Wu Grand Tourista tote won in conjunction with our stay at St. Regis in London and Everlane t. 

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  • Lucy / 22 January 2014 6:09

    Wow, those pics are absolutely stunning!!!

  • Christine / 24 January 2014 1:33

    Ooh you guys are both so photogenic! :) Beautiful photos as always, and you’ve just convinced me to make Buckingham Palace a priority the next time I’m in London.

  • Kelven / 24 January 2014 1:10

    I miss London. I didn’t even go there too often when I lived there. Great photos!

  • rikki / 24 January 2014 1:53

    Lovely images! Your words really captured your story, so great!

  • becky | accooohtrements blog / 25 January 2014 12:48

    i love the story behind this <3



  • Kessler / 26 January 2014 1:04

    These photos are so beautiful, and they truly capture the moment. And your makeup is done beautifully as well!

  • hena tayeb / 26 January 2014 5:56

    great pictures

  • Solanah / 11 February 2014 3:11

    Gah! I love that cozy picture of you, gray is your color.

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