Birthdays, Snow Days & Sick Days

Birthdays, Snow Days & Sick Days


We didn’t go into February with the intention of taking a month long break from posting. It just… sort of happened. Cory was getting in the groove of his new job and I was (am) battling a few health issues (my immune disorder, the flu, migraines). It just seemed right to focus on getting healthy and getting used to our new normal. So let me take a moment to share with you all that has been going on. Grab a cup of coffee/tea and settle in.

For me, February is always a tough month, no matter how hard I try. For the past 4 years, I inevitably end up sick on or around my birthday. The ‘can’t leave the house, I’m fairly certain I’m dying’ kind of sick. The month started out promising, since on my birthday weekend I turned 27 and didn’t feel like death. To me, birthdays are the perfect excuse to consume a delicious meal (or two). We indulged in a late breakfast at Broder Nord and then made our way to Powell’s in Cedar Hills to hear Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis talk about their latest work. They were both incredibly charming and had us laughing out loud as they shared stories and images from their childhoods. We were even fortunate enough to get them to sign all three of our books. After the reading, we met up with my family for dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant and ate way too much unagi.



IMG_2581 IMG_2577


IMG_2586 IMG_2597

IMG_2600 IMG_2606


My birthday weekend also included a flight of chocolate ice creams at Salt & Straw, a few coffee dates, thoughtful gifts and cards (including one from one of my inspirations) and lots of cuddling and movie watching with my husband.

IMG_2621 IMG_2626



Cory was complaining all winter long about the lack of snow and I kept telling him to be patient because February is the coldest time of year here in Portland and we were bound to get at least a little bit. Well, to the surprise of us all, we ended up with more snow and ice than we’ve seen in years. Here in the PNW, it’s rare to get snow that sticks for more than a few hours so when we faced nearly a week of cold, wet, constantly pouring down snow, we couldn’t help but be hypnotized by it’s beauty.



IMG_2655 IMG_2663


The first full day of it, Cory ended up not having to go into work so we took advantage of the opportunity, bundled up in our warmest garments, traipsed down to the nearest bagel shop, picked out a few flavors (an everything and a tomato pesto to be precise) and then proceeded to trudge through the falling snow to the theater where we watched the ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’ Speaking of Leo, #poorleo. Matthew deserved that award though this year, if you ask me. Don’t fret Leo, you are a winner in my eyes. You’ll get that gold statue someday… although it might be in the form of a lifetime achievement. Who are we kidding though, that man doesn’t need to win some silly award. UGH, and how glorious is Lupita Nyong’o? A gracious, humble, beautiful, talented dreamer. I just admire and adore her. Ok, enough of being sidetracked by the Oscars, back to the snow.


IMG_2682 IMG_2686

A few days into it is when I started to not feel like myself and began the back and forth visits to the doctor’s office. Since 2007, I have been battling Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic, painful immune issue for which there is no cure. I was ill for 2 years before I was properly diagnosed and it was absolute misery. Now, whenever I get sick, I can’t help but grow depressed and fearful. I get transported back to that time in my life where I basically thought I was dying. Someday I’ll write a more in depth post about it all, but not today. Today I’ll just say that because I have a faulty immune system, when I get sick, I get really sick and it takes a very long time for my body to heal. Thank you to everyone who visited, called and left instagram comments. It really helped keep my spirits up.

Being stuck at home, sick in bed, gave me the time to catch up on blogs (I especially loved pouring over Manger, Paris in Four Months, Local Milk, Essie-Button and welcomed the return of OMS), read a few books and pick up my brushes and start painting again. Nothing makes me feel more like myself than creating. I’ve tried to be something more practical than an artist, but it just isn’t in me. I’m still trying to find my footing and regain my skills but in the short time that I’ve been creating and sharing my work again, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Seychelles Footwear and winning the #YoureOn competition with Diet Coke! That means they are sending Cory and me to New York in September for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! AH! It has been nearly 7 years since I’ve been to New York and this will be Cory’s first time ever. The main thing I’m look forward to (besides eating) is hopefully meeting up with a few internet friends (Vanessa, Keiko, Eva & Stefan) live and in person.

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Other odds and ends: We applied for a new apartment. Neither of us want to get our hopes up, but we could really see ourselves making a home there. Now it’s just a waiting game. I bought this and now my life is forever changed. Only a few months left of sporting braces, I can’t believe it! We deep cleaned the apartment, donated a ton of stuff to Goodwill and filed our taxes (FUN!). I got a haircut and found a new favorite lipstick. We took our February photo booth strip. I spent too much time organizing my Pinterest boards. I ‘oohed and aahed’ over the instagrams my dear friend took on her honeymoon in Thailand. I had this song stuck in my head for days thanks to ‘The Lego Movie‘ (I need a croissant lego now). Mostly, I just tried to get well. I’m still trying.

We’re looking forward to getting back to our regular posting schedule: more London and Paris photographs, new Portland favorites, recipes and an absolutely incredible giveaway in celebration of over a year of writing ‘Endlessly Enraptured.’ I truly can’t wait to share with all of you.

Tell us, how was your February?

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  • Briana Morrison / 6 March 2014 10:21

    Aww, Jade, I’m so sorry to hear you’re still sick! My healing thoughts will be with you and hopefully you’ll be well enough to hang out again soon.

    And, I know I’ve said it before but, I’m so glad to see you painting / drawing again! You’re work is beautiful. Maybe we can follow through on that collaboration idea when you’re done working with Seychelles Footwear. 😉


    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 March 2014 10:28

      Thank you beautiful Bria. It has been such a trying time. It is exactly what I didn’t want this new year to be. But being sick has also offered insight into my true passions so I guess I can’t be too angry about it. But I am ready to create art while feeling healthy and happy.

      YES! I would love to!

  • Ilenia / 6 March 2014 10:22

    it’s so good to read a new post filled with such amazing news despite the health issues. I hope those will get sorted out soon to leave space to happiness and joy! x
    oh, and I’m totally addicted to the chanel velvet allure ones, I love how matte yet not drying they are.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 March 2014 10:33

      Thank you so much Ilenia. When I was in the thick of it all, all I could do was focus on the awful pain and depression. But now that I’m getting well and have been able to look back at everything that has transpired, I feel very blessed. Here’s hoping that I will be able to do even more wonderful things in full health!

      And, oh my goodness, I am addicted to them now too. Already have my sights on three other colors! They are so strangely moisturizing, I can’t believe it!

  • Cindy / 6 March 2014 10:44

    So sorry to hear February was such a tough month, Jade. You’re art is so lovely and I am glad you were able to find the energy and time to practice it. I am so glad there were some bright spots in the month for you, as well, way to keep your chin up despite it all.

    February was our first full month in Portland and my husband and I are very happy to be here. We have had so many delicious meals, a few trips to Salt & Straw (we loved the Sahugan’s Oregon Kiss), many lattes from Heart, and a delicious breakfast at Broder, as well.

    Wishing you well in the month of March and beyond!!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 March 2014 10:56

      Thank you so very much Cindy. That’s the funny thing about hard times, they usually end up taking you where you need to go. I obviously needed the downtime.

      I’m so happy to hear that you two are loving Portland and taking advantage of all the things that make it so awesome.

      I hope you have a beautiful March too full of new adventures…

  • eleanor / 6 March 2014 4:34

    aw jade, so sorry to hear you haven’t been the best! hope you feel better soon! happy belated birthday to you too! at least you weren’t ill for those celebrations – it sounds like you had a lovely weekend! i love all your coffee shots! 🙂
    february seemed shorter than ever this year – it flew!! i went to rome on a very last minute trip with my sister and spent alot of time in the library as i find myself nearing the dreaded dissertation due date now and starting to panic!!
    hope your march is lovely! can’t wait to see more posts from you here, as i’m still a relatively new follower and reader!! 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 6 March 2014 8:51

      Thank you for all your kindness Eleanor and we are so happy to have you following along! It’s definitely been a month filled with highs and lows. But we definitely did have a handful of amazing cups of coffee. February really did go by much too quickly. I can’t even believe we are a week into March! WHAT!? You lucky lady! Last time I was in Rome was nearly ten years ago. SO SAD. Best of luck on your dissertation. I’m sure you’ll kick it’s butt!! 😀

  • T K Park / 6 March 2014 5:48

    So sorry you have been feeling poorly, Jade. There will be better days ahead, I’m sure. I love it when my “blog worlds” collide. I love Manger and am obsessed with Mimi this past year or so. Imagine my thrill when I recently saw on her Instagram feed a photo of one of my other blog obsessions…Garance Dore. Her fashion blog is spot on! She is an illustrator also and her work is great. If you haven’t already, yo should check her out. Since you’ll be going to MB fashion week in fall you will really like her insights/coverage of fashion weeks past.‎

  • T K Park / 6 March 2014 6:04

    Oh and since you’re loving the Chanel rouge allures you’ll probably also love the Armani rouge d’armani. Check them out if you haven’t already…beautiful coverage, lovely texture, elegant magnetic click tube…The Chanel incandescent is outrageous ..I’ve been wearing it everywhere…if that doesn’t cheer you up, what will?

  • Latrina / 6 March 2014 6:07

    I sure missed you guys! But definitely was held over by the lovely Instagram goodness you guys have been sharing. I am still blown away by your art, Jade! I do hope you continue to share it with us. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And how amazingly adorable is Cory to be your biggest fan! I love that.

    I had no idea you had such a terrible illness, Jade. That breaks my heart! I can not imagine how stressful and scary this time of the year is for you. Many hugs! I do hope you are feeling well, but definitely happy you took some time off to take care of *you* — continue to do so! <3

    Beautiful imagery, as always! I always love these in-dept round up posts of yours. 🙂

  • Niken / 8 March 2014 8:33

    so glad to hear from you guyS! i hope you’re getting well soon. i hope the thing with the new apartment application goes as you hope it will be. that paintings are so wonderful! i love them.

    have a great weekend 🙂

  • petal and plume / 10 March 2014 9:14

    SO great to have you back. so sorry you have not been well – sending love and well wishes and health your way!
    loads of delicious and beautiful captures in this post – but of course! you make portland look like the most wonderful city. can’t wait to visit some day!

  • Vickie / 11 March 2014 11:43

    Glad to have you back 🙂

    a belated Happy Birthday & I hope your health continues to improve.

    February was mostly hot + a little scary here – at the same time as a long heatwave, there was a big bushfire quite close to us. We were pretty safe here in town (it came within a few k’s), but have lots of friends living in the areas that were burnt. So it was a bit stressful – never before were we so grateful for the rain/cool weather when it arrived!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 13 March 2014 3:38

      So happy to be back! Thank you for that.

      Oh my gosh! Well, I am certainly glad you are yours were safe. We get wildfires out here too. So scary!