Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric


Its been strange not writing much on Endlessly Enraptured lately. For almost a whole year it was a part of my daily life; writing down notes at the places we go, coming home and using those notes to create a narrative of the entire experience. It was therapeutic. I’ve always been told if you want to be a writer, you need to write all the time. After experiencing what it’s like to write all the time, I can honestly say that I have only improved and can see a definite difference between my past and present efforts.

But taking a break has also been therapeutic, especially since I started a new job a few months ago and I needed to focus more of my time on actually learning the ins and outs. We didn’t stop going to charming and interesting places during that time though. You can tell by what we’ve been posting on instagram and twitter. Now, with Spring surrounding us, it feels like the perfect time to continue writing.




We moved into a wonderful new apartment recently. Jade and I both have been making time to make notes and lists of all of the new items we will need to make our new space feel like home. This has resulted in our scheduling trips to some of the unique businesses around our area who specialize in interior design and decor. One of our most recent and favorite has been Schoolhouse Electric.  Yet another place we have heard and read so much about but hadn’t made the time to visit. In fact, it was almost pointless to visit such a brilliant place in the past because the spaces we inhabited weren’t up to par with what these places keep in stock. It was so much easier to say, “We won’t be here long enough to spend anything on actual decor…” But we have signed a two year lease with our new apartment, and it seems silly to not do what we can to make it feel every bit as gorgeous and homey as we possibly can.

If I would have known that Schoolhouse Electric had a Ristretto Roasters inside of it, I’m pretty sure we would have gone in a long time ago, regardless of our ability or want to purchase home goods. We have a Ristretto on the block where we live now and it is my top place to visit not only out of convenience, but because they serve one of the best cups in town. I’ve even started my own hashtag project (#RecordsAndRistretto) inspired by their shop entitled where I share some of my favorite record cover art along with a delightful cuppa of the day. I’d love for you to add to the project!







IMG_2933 IMG_2936

We took our time and enjoyed the beautifully lit contrasts of the coffee shop. Sometimes there’s that pressing feeling that ‘other stuff needs to be done today and we must press on!’ This day, we didn’t have that feeling. Everything was done in leisure. We walked around Schoolhouse after we finished up and admired all they have to offer. They encapsulate pretty much everthing that I want for my forever home, from unique handcrafted and restored lighting to furniture and trinkets a plenty. I particularly adored the Equestrian Loveseat in Columbian Brown. It’s at the top of my dream list of items to own. I also was particularly thrilled with the Beech Wood Torch Flashlight. That is something I know will be a perfect stocking stuffer for me come the holidays (*hint *hint Jade). And I know Jade is eyeing the Mosser Glass Tumblers and Black Dot Mugs to add to our kitchen. Schoolhouse carries a wide variety of special books (this needs to be added to our collection) and magazines (including Cereal and Kinfolk). There is even a gorgeous flower shop owned and kept up by Anna Mara who is so kind and knowledgable.










I think we may have found our new weekend hangout spot…

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  • Nadya's Side Of The Road / 24 April 2014 7:25

    Congratulations on a new apartment! And yes, please, keep writing! : )

  • Vickie / 25 April 2014 5:01

    what an amazing space (love that photo of Jade) & so happy that you have a new place you love 🙂

    • endlesslyenraptured / 25 April 2014 10:43

      Aw, thanks Vickie! It was such an incredible space filled with the most gorgeous light. We couldn’t help but take advantage of it. And we are beyond happy in our new home. Feels so good.