Ready for the Weekend

Ready for the Weekend



We learned this week that we are not meant to grocery shop late at night. And by late, I mean anytime after 6. Cory used to work nights, so we would grocery shop in the mornings or on weekends. We always considered it a date type of activity. We would take our time and meander down every isle. Yes, it was a chore that had to get done but we always enjoyed doing it together. Well, we didn’t have time to shop this past weekend so we decided to go last night when Cory got off of work. This somehow resulted in our car bumper being torn off and getting to bed just in time to get 4 hours of sleep before the next day started. Never… again. How does grocery shopping work in your household?

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  • amber / 25 April 2014 10:14

    OMG Parenthood!!!!! I watched it SO much all last summer, and then one day I stopped, and kind of forgot about it (I think I started on game of thrones, and then never went back to Parenthood!) And now that you’re reminding me of it, I’m SO going to start watching again. Love it!!

    Love these photos… the latte looks so, so pretty! Is this out at a shop or do you have an espresso machine in your home? Yum!


    • endlesslyenraptured / 25 April 2014 10:41

      Haha!! I’m glad I could be the one to bring Parenthood back into your life. Ugh, I wish I had an espresso machine in my house!! That would be a dream come true. But this lovely pour is from Ristretto Roasters.

      – Jade