Madewell Comes to Portland

Madewell Comes to Portland


A few weeks ago, I was walking around the Brewery Blocks when I saw it: MADEWELL! Cory pretended not to know me while I did a happy dance and snapped a few instagrams. Madewell has always seemed so perfect for Portland so I found it baffling that there wasn’t one in our city. Of course I had planned to go as soon as they opened, but to my delight I got a message from Yuri, part of the Madewell Marketing Team, inviting me to a special sneak peek the day before the grand opening.

I found out that the ever so lovely Solanah was also planning on going as well, so we decided to meet up beforehand and go together. We were greeted with warm smiles and glasses of champagne. It was so lovely to meet other Portland bloggers and individuals from the Madewell Team, including designer Somsack Sikhounmuong. The amount of beautiful pieces was nearly overwhelming. I tried on a few tops and dresses but didn’t have the chance to try on any of their raved about jeans. I don’t buy jeans unless I have Cory’s honest opinion about them first, so I guess we just need to plan on stopping in for another visit soon. Oh my goodness, don’t even get me started on their accessories!! These shoesthese earrings and this bag need to be mine. I knew it would be a dangerous decision to try on the ‘Afternoon Dress in Saltwater Stripe.’ I fell in love with it and it came home with me along with the most beautiful red sunnies. Oh, and guess what!? I was actually the very first customer at the Portland shop! They got to work out all their cash register kinks on me.




IMG_3027 hgh







Thank you Madewell for hosting such a beautiful event. My pocketbook is sad but I’m so happy to have you in our city!

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  • Solanah / 30 April 2014 6:15

    So happy we could go together! That dress is perfection on you, we’ll have to make another trip there soon 😉

  • Anne / 4 May 2014 8:49

    When I was in San Francisco last fall, I asked one of the Madewell salespeople if they were planning on opening a store in Portland and she told me it was happening in the fall. I did a little dance, too. Haven’t been there yet, but I am planning on spending a few dollars there this month at some point. Just have to make sure I’m not spending my France vacation money on too many dresses…