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Doughnuts were a very rare treat when I was growing up. So rare in fact that we only had them once a year when we went on vacation to Sunriver. My dad, brother and I would walk or bike from our cabin into town so we could pick out doughnuts from the tiny local shop. It never failed to have a line out the door. The smell was hypnotic: sugar, maple and fried dough.

Now that I’m an adult… I still don’t have doughnuts that often. But when I do, I go all out. Portland has really stepped up its doughnut game in the last few years thanks to Pip’s Original and Blue Star. Tell me, where did you have the best doughnut of your life? Inquiring minds need to know!

  • Do you think Emma Stone would consider being my best friend?
  • It has been unseasonably warm this week and has me wishing I was lounging by a pool in this or this.
  • Lately I’ve been obsessed with mangos, so when I came across this recipe for mango salsa I knew I found something special.
  • Have you heard of Villa Lena? Located in Tuscany, it’s a home for multidisciplinary artists. It’s now my dream to get a residency there.
  • This week on Instagram, I’ve been obsessed with @kirstinmckee‘s life in London.
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