We’ve been trying to get out of our usual rounds of places we frequent. It’s easy to fall into a familiar and comfortable rut when you have your tried and true favorites. Since we’ve been on the hunt for items to decorate and furnish our new home, we broke away from the norm to stop by Christopher David, which opened no more than 9 months ago in Portland’s Pearl District. This unique and humble establishment is the brainchild of Chris Giovarelli, an accomplished decor and interiors professional. In this shop you can not only stop in for a treat and a cuppa, which is served up by the highly experienced Kevin Nichols of the London School of Coffee, but you can browse and carouse the curated collection of inspiring furnishings, objects, and goods that embody the charming space.

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I wanted to buy everything in there or at least learn how to curate like them. Turns out, you can actually learn from the experts themselves at one of their workshops. I think the best part about stopping in, aside from being able to indulge in expertly crafted cups, was the western wall which is maintained by their resident floral design expert, Cosmin Biscora. I really love keeping plants in our home, but I have a bad habit of neglecting them (forgetting about them) or over-loving them (touching too much/over watering.) Even with succulents, some of the least fussy plant you can get, I have been able to either do too much or too little. Maybe with a few tips from a professional I can do better in the future. There were plenty of gorgeous little plants around Christopher David and I’m pretty sure we will be back to pick up a few and roam around and stare at all the beautiful things that make Christopher David so special…

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