Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

Cheese & Crack Snack Shop


I love a good charcuterie, although, before I met Jade, I had no idea what one was. Once I found out the definition, I realized I had been making variations of the treat for ages. Traditionally a charcuterie is a collection of meats assorted on a platter or plate, but the more modern definition can be a selection of antipasto or cured, pickled and preserved foods. I had been throwing salami, cheese and olives on a plate for years when I was a kid but never knew there was a technical term for this incredible treat.

As soon as Jade and I found out that Cheese & Crack were making a brick and mortar shop, we couldn’t wait for it to open so we could devour all their delicacies.



The Cheese & Crack team have been making their assorted snack accoutrements for a few years now since starting out with their food cart off of Southeast Hawthorne. If you have never seen their witty and hilarious kickstarter video they made when they were first starting their project, you are missing out. Their new brick and mortar location is off of East Burnside on Southeast 28th Avenue. Their space has a raw, semi-industrial vibe with a mellow modern shop feel. It’s perfect for those days when we just want to sit down, nibble on a variety of tasty treats, and enjoy each others company… which I guess this is pretty much every single day.

The fare they serve is all locally sourced and the crackers are made in house. All of their Cheese & Crack Plates come with their housemade rustic butter crackers, savory oatmeal cookies, baguette, olives, cornichons, dijon mustard, honey and a chocolate ganache. We ordered two plates where you get to select the cheese and fruit side: the first included the La Mariposa “Chubut” and Cana De Oveja (my personal favorite) with honey glazed peaches. The second had salami and Cypress Grove Fromage Blanc with a marionberry jam. Both were absolutely fantastic and all paired exquisitely with the accompanying standard sides.



Obviously the charcuterie style plates I made when I was a kid don’t even begin to scrape the surface as to how masterful Cheese & Crack puts together their plates. I have a feeling we are going to end up spending way too much time here…

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  • Mandy Gross / 3 June 2014 1:54

    This place looks amazing! We might have to check in out when we visit Portland in August. I love all your posts about local places! Can’t wait to visit some!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2014 9:07

      Aw, thanks Mandy! Posts about our favorite local places are so fun for us to put together. Definitely put Cheese & Crack Snack Shop on your agenda if you can!

      – Jade

  • Stephanie Loudmouth / 3 June 2014 7:53

    First time visitor here! 🙂 Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and this place looks like a dream come true. I wish there was something like that here in LA!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2014 9:06

      Welcome Stephanie! So happy you found us. Aw, thank you so, so much! It’s hard not to want to go here every single day…

      – Jade

  • lucinda / 4 June 2014 7:17

    i love a good cheese board and this looks like THE place! the space is fantastic, great ambiance for a chill evening of good eats and good company. too bad i’m on the opposite side of the country.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2014 9:04

      Well, maybe you’ll just have to take a trip to Portland someday! 🙂

      – Jade

  • Michelle / 4 June 2014 9:26

    Yes! I totally forgot this place went brick and mortar. I need to check it out ASAP. I love all things cheese board. It’s my dinner regularly.

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2014 9:03

      You must!! Putting together these kind of plates is definitely one of our favorite dinners too…

      – Jade

  • Polly / 5 June 2014 12:24

    Just discovered your lovely blog. Wow those cheese plates take it to another level. They look divine!

    • endlesslyenraptured / 5 June 2014 9:01

      Aw, welcome to our space Polly! Aren’t these cheese plates insane!!? So, so good…

      – Jade