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So, I’m not sure if you know this, but I’ve had braces on my teeth since January 2013. My parents both have deep fears of the doctor and the dentist so they didn’t take my brother and I as often as they probably should have. I’ve had to have my tonsils removed, my wisdom teeth removed and my braces put on, all in my adult life and let me tell you… it sucked. Adults just don’t bounce back as quickly as children do. It’s tough investing the time, money and energy into taking care of yourself, but I know it’s absolutely vital. Life is too short to ignore problems and live in pain. I had an intense adjustment at the orthodontist on Monday and found out that in just 6 weeks I could be brace free. Surreal. This weekend, I’m looking forward to finishing some work and spending a bit of time at Ristretto at ‘our table’ sipping cortados and writing more postcards.

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