March in Instagrams

March in Instagrams

March in Instagrams by Endlessly Enraptured

Author: Jade

Spring came early in March. Well, at least here in Portland. I know you east coasters were begging for Spring to make an appearance. The trees along the waterfront are already devoid of blooms and completely green. March even boasted a few 70 degree days: basically unheard of this early in the year. There was loads of reading and many cups of decaf coffee (we decided to go caffeine free for awhile). Our friends Stefan and Eva of Trotter came to visit Portland for the first time. I want them to move here so we can eat doughnuts and marvel at handmade goods together all the time. I invested in a few new art supplies and could not be happier with the results. I’ve made more art in the past few weeks than I did the entirety of last year. It feels so good to be back at it.

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  • Rosie / 9 April 2015 12:56

    Your instagrams compliment each other so beautifully! What a lovely post (: | UK Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    • Jade / 12 April 2015 2:58

      Thank you so much Rosie! I had a lot of fun putting this together. You never think you have a distinct style until you see it all together…

  • Sid / 10 April 2015 4:07

    I hated ‘The Alchemist. Love your photos esp one with the dog and photos.

    • Jade / 12 April 2015 2:59

      Haha! Tell me how you really feel 😉

      Thank you so much!