An Early Morning at the Farmers Market

An Early Morning at the Farmers Market


This post is in collaboration with Collectively

Author: Cory

We love going to farmers markets. We have been actively going to them for years and have so much fun walking around, looking at all of the gorgeous fresh produce, chatting with the farmers and vendors, and sampling anything and everything offered. One of the main reasons why we visit farmers markets is to support local growers of produce and the people who use local, natural ingredients in making their fare. It seems like the use of locally grown ingredients has only become a trend in the past decade or so… and not at a quick enough rate.

We are really fortunate to live in the Northwest among this farm to table, locally sourced culture. We have the opportunity to go to these kinds of farmers markets, know where our food is coming from, but the same can’t be said for the majority of the populace in the States. This is why we have partnered with Collectively to spark conversation about what is in your shopping cart; what is on your plate; and ultimately, what is going in your mouth. We were inspired by Collectively’s first online documentary, America’s Shrinking Farms, which takes a closer look at the way farming has become industrialized producing in excess, while calling upon some of the sharpest minds in farming and food innovation to try to better understand what we can do to change the tide.


Visiting our farmers market is just one way we try to create positive change. By supporting our local, small scale farms, we are putting our hard earned dollars into the pockets of those who are using eco-friendly, all organic and pesticide free practices which protect the environment we all share. Plus supporting local farmers and businesses who use local ingredients is a way to keep your money in your community, instead of going into the pockets of corporate fat cats who don’t care about the quality of healthiness of the food we consume. When we buy an onion or a flat of strawberries, we want to know that buying them is not only an environmentally positive choice, but a choice which supports the hard working individuals in our community.


Transforming the future of food for us means investing in those who farm responsibly, use locally sourced ingredients, and make or bake their goods fresh. One of our favorite things to do at the farmers market is purchase a treat of a croissant or other baked good as we roam between the various tents, or lounge out in the open areas where the buskers are pickin’ and-a-strumming. We really get the sense of community when everyone comes together in these places and we love taking part. And it’s not only produce and treats we can get at our farmers markets. We can purchase bunches of beautiful flowers, a dozen or more farm fresh eggs, locally harvested honey and hand made bee’s wax candles, or even get locally harvest wild mushrooms and fiddle-head ferns.


We invite you to partake in Collectivity’s #InnovativeEats campaign by sharing a photo of something you’ve eaten recently that steps out of the norm of your everyday routine and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Remember to hashtag #InnovativeEats to be entered to win a truly innovative snack from Collectively.


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  • Ariel / 20 April 2015 7:13

    Oh my! I can’t help but say I’m a little jealous of the glorious market you have! We have a few where I live but they are timy. Love what you guys are trying to do with this post, I’m very passionate about the foods I eat too and am alarmed the more I learn about the things that end up in our food!

    • Jade / 21 April 2015 3:21

      We feel very fortunate. I have a feeling we are going to spend many hours at the market this summer…

  • Vickie / 25 April 2015 5:37

    I love our local farmers market (it’s much, much smaller than this one though) – fresh produce just tastes so much better & we always come home with something delicious.

    • Jade / 29 April 2015 5:55

      The act of just going to the market is so much fun. We spend hours roaming around, sampling the various stalls. The fresh ingredients we get to take home is the cherry on top of the sundae!

  • Nadya / 29 April 2015 9:16

    Oh yeah! Farmers Markets! Love it. Here in San Francisco we have couple of good ones and I always trying to buy cheese and fresh pastries there. : )

    • Jade / 29 April 2015 5:56

      Aren’t they just the best!!? We could go every weekend in the summer and still not be able to eat all the things they offer…