Bending the Rules with HP

Bending the Rules with HP

Bending the Rules with HP by Endlessly Enraptured

This post is in collaboration with HP

Jade and I love to collaborate. That is where Endlessly Enraptured got its start: a husband and wife team using our talents in collaboration to create and share all the things we discover along our journey in this life. It is our mutual love for art, community, food and travel which makes the collaborations we do together and with others that much more fulfilling. Recently we had the immense opportunity to work with HP in designing a collaboration together for their #BendTheRules campaign. We were challenged to bend our rules by going beyond the realms of what we normally do and see how we could be inspired by their HP x360 Behind The Scenes Video, which is an awesome project where six artists of varying backgrounds came together to make something amazing.

After viewing the awe inspiring, interactive experience which was their project, we knew just how to take our collaboration to the next level. We live in Portland, Oregon and there is nothing we love more than sharing the interesting and delicious things we discover in this community we call home. We joined forces to scout out the most unique, overlooked treats from the best shops and bakeries in town; but bring a new level to showcasing their unique charm and taste through gouache illustrations and descriptive flavor profiles in detailed prose. Our project, through Jade’s artistic skill and my love for telling a story with the written word is a celebration of community, collaboration and artistic inspiration.

Bending the Rules with HP by Endlessly Enraptured

Lemon Poppy Seed Quickbread – Roman Candle Baking Co.

The first bite of a Lemon Poppy Seed Quickbread is always the best part. Though it is called a quickbread, you definitely don’t want to eat it quick. No, you want to savor every last bite. And then push all the little crumbs into a pile on your plate, just to have one more taste of the ever fleeting flavor. If you have never had one before, you might not be sure if it is going to have an overwhelming lemonyness, or if the poppyseed’s will go well with the rest of it. But once that first bite is taken, it’s all over. You’re in love. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t like lemon flavor or poppy seeds a moment ago, because this quickbread is so, so much more.

This trapezoid of delight sits on a plate almost like a work of art itself, with its varied layers starting with a crisp crust at the bottom, yellowy cake in the center, the perfectly formed poppy seed top, with just a slight sprinkle across the top with confectioners’ sugar. Roman Candle Baking Co. serves so many exquisite items though; it is possible for this little brick of heaven to be overlooked. It’s a guarantee after you have tried this brilliant treat once, that you’ll be hesitant to order anything else from then on out.

Bending the Rules with HP by Endlessly Enraptured

Cherry and Orange Rum Bread Pudding – Little T Baker

When I was a kid, I grew up around a farm, so the treats that were made in the kitchen were inspired by the southern style cooking my grandma grew up with in Oklahoma and the German style cooking my grandpa grew up with in the deep cold of North Dakota. There was always a melding of the two cultural styles which turned out things like pies, custards, flumcookins, and bread pudding. Of the lot of them, bread pudding was always my favorite. I rarely buy bread pudding in my adulthood, mainly because it is such a rich treat, but the Cherry and Orange Rum Bread Pudding from Little T Baker transported me back to the dinner table, when I waited in anticipation for grandma’s bread puddin’.

The caramelized crust on the top of this bread pudding is what really drew me in, dusted with confectioners’ sugar, wrapped around its middle with wax paper. Peeling back the paper to reveal the layers of dense, moist bread pudding, with candied cherries in the crevices, it’s hard not to smush the whole thing in your mouth at once. It takes restraint. Whether eating this delicious treat with a fork or taking nibbles right out of the wax paper, this bread pudding is sure to make anyone feel like a giddy kid, just like it did for me.


Bending the Rules with HP by Endlessly Enraptured

Assorted Mini-Donuts – Pips Original 

I’ve had donuts of varying size and style in several countries, in at least six major cities, but nothing compares to freshly made mini-donuts in assorted flavor from Pips Original. Though it’s hard to pass up the delightful little morsels while you’re in this one of a kind, mom and pop shop, it is easy to not know about this adorable place hidden up in deep, Northeast Portland. You can get an assorted dozen or half dozen, or just a single kind. The donuts are always made to order, with flavors such as local honey and flaked sea salt, Nutella, seasonal strawberry rhubarb, cinnamon & sugar, maple bacon compote, or the very special Dirty Wu, which is a combination of Nutella, honey and sea salt. Their crispy outer crust encapsulate the soft, moist and chewy centers, and regardless of topping, are good piping hot or room temp. I would travel across states to eat these golden nuggets of pure joy.

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  • Vickie / 31 May 2015 5:02

    gorgeous & delicious – I’ll have one of each please!

  • Erica / 3 June 2015 3:17

    I say this again and again, but you are such a talented lady! Loved this xx