Slow Down with Schoolhouse

Slow Down with Schoolhouse


This post is in collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Author: Cory

We recently had the opportunity to partner with Schoolhouse Electric for their #SlowDownWithSchoolhouse campaign where we scouted the city to see some of the best uses of their brilliant light fixtures. Lighting is one of those subtle things in any shop or studio that can literally and figuratively change the way you see your environment. One of the best example of Schoolhouse’s fixtures being put to good use is at the beautiful new coffee shop, Dapper & Wise. We’ve known the owners of D&P for almost a decade now and they never cease to surprise us with their thoughtful design choices. It is always inspiring to see long time friends achieving their dreams, and seeing our friends from D&P flourish has been incredible. From their small, family coffee shop feel in their first locations, to their curated and artisan designed new locations. What they are achieving is what we aspire to achieve: an established presence in our community that positively impacts it for the better.

Working on this campaign with Schoolhouse Electric has caused me to actually slow down, reflect on where we have come from and where we are going. We want a lot for ourselves and we are working hard to get there. Sometimes you really do have to take a step back and collect your thoughts, however, and refocus on what means the most to you. Being together is most important to us. Feeling fulfilled, successful and content. Taking the time to go share a cup of coffee together, read a book side by side, hold hands and talk about the future. Sometimes its hard to do something as simple as have a conversation because life feels so go, go, go. But those times we are able to relax, enjoy our environment and talk… those are the moments really worth slowing down for. We’ve been together going on eight years and have been married for over three. We haven’t made it this far without taking time for us.

I’ve always been the coffee shop type. I don’t hang out in bars or clubs. I want to have a conversation and get to know someone personally. Too many people are afraid of opening up and just being real. The first time Jade and I met face to face was in a coffee shop. We initially were just going to hang out for a bit, but it turned into a four hour chat session. Instead of either of us rushing off, we took our time and talked about our life experiences. Well, Jade did most of the talking since I was pretty nervous. It wasn’t hard for me to know however, right then and there, that I knew I wanted to spend A LOT more time with this person. She was direct, real, and had an amazing sense of humor. There was no way I was losing out on the chance of a century, and luckily, she took a chance on me. Some of the best journeys in life can start in coffee shops. I know the greatest journey of my life did.


The lighting in Dapper & Wise is especially perfect for our times out together since the style and design complements that elevated, homey feeling. We are home-bodies at heart, so the places we choose to hang out at has to have that kind of ambiance. Perched above their front bar they have a row of Satellite 3 Pendant Fixtures, which illuminate the skilled process of each cup made at the establishment. And on the wall behind the bar, two Satellite Sconces in Black and Brass. Near the accoutrements station and opposite the shop near their carved wood product displays are several short armed Isaac Sconce’s in Brass (some of our personal favorites.) Hanging above their artisan wood tables and leather lounge chairs are a row of hanging Isaac Pendant lights which aid in tying together the curated amenities. And last but not least, the Tangled Chandelier in Marigold hanging above the front nook of the shop. All elements of the Schoolhouse Electric flare brings this already brilliantly curated shop to a whole other level of refined style.

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  • Erica / 22 July 2015 6:41

    Such a beautiful shop, all the details are just wonderful.

  • Vickie / 23 July 2015 5:16

    what a gorgeous space! I’m definitely a coffee shop type rather than bars or clubs too.

    & I love the story about your first meeting – so sweet 🙂

  • Linda / 29 July 2015 9:26

    What a funky looking place. I love the shelves.