Growth, Harmony & Creativity with Sprout by HP

Growth, Harmony & Creativity with Sprout by HP


This Post is in Collaboration with HP

As budding industry creatives, we try to utilize any and all new technology we possibly can to take the work we create to a new level. Whether that is using new apps on smart phones, updated digital camera equipment, or new forms of cloud storage for the many files we creating daily, new creative technologies are what make our day more efficient. We have been searching for a creative platform that would allow us to not only enable Jade to create digital illustrations quickly and efficiently, but also allow us to scan in photographs and begin to utilize 3D scanning capabilities to include in our portfolio for future projects. This is where the Sprout with 3D scanning by HP comes in.

We both know how important it is to continue developing as artists and creatives. Learning new methods of creation are essential to growing and expanding your repertoire. I barely knew how to take a photo before I met Jade. Now I’m able to help shoot on big fashion campaigns. I’ve always wanted to take another area I’ve been passionate about to the next level. I’ve always loved 3D art and have been one to take part in ceramics and in claymation. The next step of creating these sorts of things is the replication process, and manipulating that replication digitally where it can be printed out in a replica. This is something can be easily accomplished with HP’s 3D Capture stage, which allowed me to make a replica of one of my antique cameras. I can easily 3D print my camera with a few minor adjustments to the design to make it a display item or something useful like a camera shaped pencil holder.


The Scanning capabilities of the Sprout capture device is really whats sparked our interest, which is where we based our little project out of. We took out one of our antique instant cameras across our home town of Portland to take images that made us think of growth, harmony, and creativity. The results perfectly captured our mood and the prompts we were aiming for. In the past, we could only scan our photos in a really inconvenient way. The Sprout scanning capabilities allowed us to capture all of our images, clean them up a bit, and divide them into a perfect set.


We haven’t even used every feature on our Sprout, but are discovering new ways to use it everyday. It’s not often we get to use a platform that actually inspires and not just serves as a tool alone. You’ll be seeing more of our creations in the future. For more amazing creations, check out #GoMakeThings.


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  • Erica / 27 September 2015 7:02

    Gorgeous photos lady, and Sprout seems really awesome 🙂 xx

    • Jade Sheldon / 13 October 2015 3:23

      Thank you, sweets! It is SO MUCH FUN to play around with.

  • JOURNAL OF STYLE / 29 September 2015 7:30

    The photos turned great! Love how you’ve captured the mood, guys. Well done!


  • Yasmin / 1 October 2015 11:54

    Sounds like a cool gadget that will definitely take your work even farther. So nice to hear how you both have helped each other reach new goals. I wish I had someone like that to teach me new things or to learn together with.

    xx Yasmin

    • Jade Sheldon / 13 October 2015 3:27

      Aw, thank you Yasmin. I feel so lucky to have Cory in my life. He has believed in me even when I haven’t been able to believe in myself. I hope you find that kind of inspiration too…

  • Rae / 2 October 2015 1:48

    Sprout by HP sounds like such an awesome product and I would love to own one!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    • Jade Sheldon / 13 October 2015 3:28

      It is BEYOND my expectations. Crazy to think that we have access to such technology nowadays…

  • Charley McCaw / 29 October 2015 10:33

    great pic love the black and white effect