An Evening Stroll Through the Streets of London

An Evening Stroll Through the Streets of London


I don’t care what it takes, we are moving to London. It’s always been a dream of ours and it’s becoming more and more of a real possibility each day. We both work from home. We both have very little tying us to stay in Portland. Following suit and making the plunge seems like the next step. Granted, it will take doing all the proper research and establishing the right contacts, but I am feeling like it has to happen. Have you ever felt that feeling? Something deep down in the pit of your stomach? After watching Jade comb through and edit these photo from our evening stroll through the streets of London, it’s hitting me harder than it ever has.

The sky was very much alive that day, changing color & shape with every breath we took. I think we felt more at home walking on London streets than we had in a long time walking on our own streets, near our current home. I’m not saying that a life altering change to move halfway around the world should be based upon a feeling. No, there is much more behind it that just that. With the kinds of fields we both work in, we continuously see others who are making big strides for themselves there. We both think that there is much opportunity to be had, it’s all about setting the right things in motion.

Jade just signed with Cycle Media earlier this month, and is now represented by them exclusively. This will likely bring about some major opportunities that were not possible before this point. I am continuously adding new skills to my Digital Marketing and Social Media expertise, which is making my knowledge a commodity. Not to mention I’m just a month or so away from finishing up my MBA. We have a lot happening and it’s beginning to feel like an end to a chapter of our lives. To make the next chapter a reality, we just have to fit the pieces all together to create a map to our future destination. I know that is London.


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  • Katrin / 31 January 2016 2:25

    Lovely London!
    Great images x

  • Vickie / 3 February 2016 3:15

    so gorgeous!

  • Hafizah / 4 February 2016 2:12

    Make me excited going on March!!

  • Stephanie | In Her Lens / 8 February 2016 10:59

    These are beautiful photos – I was just telling someone the other day that my dream is to live in London.

  • LoreStars / 13 February 2016 6:16

    London is always so great, you capture its essence perfectly!

  • Johanna Buchana / 18 February 2016 7:25

    London is gorgeous! Really nice photographs! They make me feel that I want to move back to London. Few years ago I moved to Manchester and no matter that I love my new city I still feel nostalgic about London because I spent my student years there and it was amazing! I wish you all the best! Enjoy the city of wonders!