Recently Adored (February Favorites)

Recently Adored (February Favorites)


February is a special month in this family. We celebrated multiple birthdays, including my own. I’m a big believer in celebrating your special day and along with the day came some lovely gifts that have become new favorites in my life.


What I’m reading:

One of my gifts from Cory was a subscription to Darling Magazine, an incredible magazine that celebrates women from all walks of life doing all sorts of positive, creative, world changing things. The writing is stunning, the photographs are stunning, the illustrations are stunning. The first issue that came happened to feature one of my favorite people on the planet, my friend Estée!

Also this month I finished up “After You,” the sequel to “Me Before You.” I must admit, it was a bit over the top… but I couldn’t put it down and ended up tearing up a couple times throughout the book so I guess I fell for it. Her stories tend to take place in and around London which makes me more happy than it probably should. I hear the British accents in my head as I read each word. If you enjoy reading about love, relationships, overcoming personal struggles with plenty of twists and turns mixed in, then I definitely recommend checking out Jojo Moyes’ work. She has a way of telling stories that really allows you to picture it in your head. We will see if the movie matches up to the visuals I created for myself (although we know the movie is never as good as the book).

What I’m wearing:

Coco Noir by Chanel has been my go to fragrance during these colder months. It’s a very warm fragrance, with notes of bergamot, sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli. I added two new Tom Ford matte lipsticks to my collection: Ruby Rush & First Time. There is a reason these are priced so high. They last forever, are extremely pigmented and completely flavorless. I also picked up the new Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette. It’s the only palette I’ve been reaching for lately. It’s great for everyday makeup looks & still includes a few fun shades for more fun & dramatic looks. Have you held an Hourglass makeup brush in your hand? Well, I did while browsing through Sephora & couldn’t put it down. The bristles are soft and the handles have such a nice weight to them. I ended up taking home the all over shadow brush & smudge brush. Burberry Earthy Blush in Light Glow is beautifully subtle & natural. Estée sent it to me for Christmas & I’ve barely worn any other blush since.

Now for skincare. Since I have such fair, sensitive skin, I have to be careful with how I treat it. I’ve been testing out the MV Organic Skincare line for hormonal skin for a few months now & can official say it has changed my skin in ways I never thought possible. I was suffering from horrible, painful cystic acne on my chin for about 3 years & since using the MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser, I haven’t had one single cyst. I still can’t believe it really. I have found that these products can be really rich & heavy so I only use the moisturizer, mist, & oil at night. I still use the cleanser morning & night, but pair it with Kate Sommerville’s Nourish Daily Moisturizer during the day.


Where we’re spending our time:

We had been meaning to check out the cafe inside The Society Hotel for ages & finally went on my birthday weekend. I think we have been back nearly every Sunday since. We even randomly ran into one of the proprietors that morning who gave us a personal tour of the entire hotel. The Hotel has been recently renovated, and features not only unique rooms and suites, but also provides a hostel style option of bunking, for those travelers just passing through town. They have a beautiful roof deck where you can see the breadth of the city, as well as many historical framed pieces of artwork & antiques found all over the hotel while they were renovating. Suffice to say, it has become one of our favorite places to frequent.


Around the house:

We’ve done a lovely collaboration with our friends at Minted, where they have provided us some unique and fitting framed pieced of artwork from their collection. Minted is an online marketplace connecting their customers with independent artists from all over the world, and they sources it’s pieces through on-going art competitions. Being an artist myself, I take pride in supporting organizations who support artists and highly recommend Minted and their services.

The moon piece is titled La Luna, by Keri Chubb and the bustling street piece is titled A Brief Episode by Katie Pope. I was drawn to both of these pieces because if their use of color and design, both really connecting with what I love about independent artistic endeavors. Cory has also been extremely happy about his Crosley Executive Record Player I got him over the holidays. He’s been meaning to start his own record collection and get a player, so I made sure this dream of his became a reality.

Now tell me, what have you recently adored?

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  • Michelle / 8 March 2016 6:33

    Jade, where did you get your floating shelves(media center?) where the record player is? I’ve been looking for something similar and have a hard time finding that size!

  • Erica / 8 March 2016 9:07

    You are such a beauty love! And your photos are always so beautiful. The artwork looks like a wonderful new addition to your home 🙂

  • Molly {Dreams in HD} / 9 March 2016 10:08

    Beautiful photos. And thank you so much for the skincare recommendations. I too have been having horrible issues with hormonal skin and may have to give MV a try.

  • Kiss & Make-up / 11 March 2016 2:26

    I don’t care much for (my) birthday(s) but I won’t say no to a nice gifts or surprised of course! 🙂 That cafe looks like a really nice little place.

  • danielle / 14 March 2016 6:58

    love your photography! i always see the gwen stefani palette around and it looks lovely 🙂

  • Keri Chubb / 23 April 2016 1:08

    Omg love this so much! Do you mind if I share your pictures with the moon print on my instagram page, with credit?

  • Alice / 4 May 2016 1:11

    I think I’m in love with your blog. The photography is amazing, it’s magazine quality. Great favourites, the Chanel perfume sounds lovely x