A Trip to Halloweentown

A Trip to Halloweentown


Author: Cory

We love Halloween. Its been part of our holiday tradition to go and take photobooth strips at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland; one for me, one for Jade, and one of us together. We’ve done it for the last 5 years. We don’t usually go to parties. We don’t go out trick or treating anymore. But we do make sure that we pick out costumes, find an awesome place to do a costume photoshoot, and make sure we get our photobooth strips. This year, we went for 1960s Pop Art costumes in the Lichtenstien style. Jade did our makeup, and I think she did an incredible job. She really always does an incredible job when it comes to making sure our costumes are on-fleek, really. We are particularly proud of last years set, and definitely have to give an honorable mention to the year before. What’s an awesome holiday like Halloween without having some of your very own traditions to take part in?!

A few years ago we had heard that, just outside of Portland, one of the little towns called St. Helens decorates its old-town district just like they did when they filmed the movie HalloweenTown there, almost 20 years ago. That’s right, not only was The Goonies filmed in Astoria, Oregon, but we also got HalloweenTown! Take that Hollywood! We finally made it out to HalloweenTown this year, and by George, if it wasn’t an awesomely spooky sight. Though our costumes this year were less on the spooky side and more on the artsy side, we still felt like we fit right in. We even had a few groups of tourists ask if we were actors paid to be a part of the festivities! That’s a compliment I can’t refuse! We even had the local city hall officials come out to draw us inside of their haunted courtroom for a tour and to show us off to their office-mates.

We had a total blast this year, and already can’t wait for next year. We have a few ideas for costumes that are pretty out of this world, but we won’t give too much away right now. It would be simply illogical 😉


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  • Vickie / 31 October 2016 4:10

    very cool, awesome costumes!

    • Jade / 7 November 2016 3:26

      Thanks Vickie! We had so much…

  • Erica / 31 October 2016 5:47

    Ahhh you guys look incredible 🙂 So talented, wouldn’t expect any less x

    • Jade / 7 November 2016 3:27

      AW! Erica, you’re just the sweetest. I already can’t wait for next year…