Palm Springs/Ace Hotel

Palm Springs/Ace Hotel


This has been a strange year. Jade and I both have been down to California a few times this year for work projects and meetings, but not together. We have been busier than ever, getting opportunities to travel for work, but we still aren’t exactly where we want to be when it comes to our careers. I guess that’s just life. You’re always searching to better understand yourself and what you want out of it. We’re very thankful for all of the opportunities we’ve been given and know there is so much more on the horizon. Bigger and better. More possibilities of positively impacting others lives through our creativity and work we do.

Last week we finally had the opportunity to go to Palm Springs together for a project Jade has been working on. Though the whole trip was basically spent working, we did get a chance to do a little sight seeing and visit the Palm Springs Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Ace Hotels have become one of our little traditions when we travel to a major city. One of our favorite spots to frequent in Portland is the original Ace, so seeing what design elements and culture is incorporated into their other locations has been a kind of tradition for us. We’ve been to Aces in New York, London, Portland and now Palm Springs. Though we’ve been to Seattle a million times, we still have yet to check it out, surprisingly. Guess it’s just another item on the check list next time we get up to our rainy sister city. Oh, and we will probably be crossing of the L.A. Ace soon… but more on that later.

The Palm Springs locale was of course very much inspired by the Southwest where it resides, with a montage of desert animals in a overhead display case, plenty of cactuses inside and out, a fleet of Vespa scooters to rent at your leisure, and even a old school saloon and speakeasy featuring a stuffed bear behind the bar. We had to get a cup of Stumptown coffee while we were there and our traditional photo-booth strip to commemorate the trip. They even have a road-stop style diner called King’s Highway, where we had to grab a few bits and pieces to nibble on before hitting the road.

Though California hadn’t been a major travel destination for us in the past, I have a feeling we will be taking more trips there together to discover more of the beautiful sights and marvel at all the Palm trees that still never cease to make me smile.img052-copy8p9a15578p9a15268p9a15358p9a15668p9a1568copy8p9a1576cacti-polaroids

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