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Our recent trip to New York was a bit of a world wind. We tried to fit as much as we could in a very short amount of time, and didn’t go into it with a lot of set plans. We had never been to New York in the Fall, nor had we really ever explored Brooklyn. This was an opportunity to explore other boroughs and really just try to live as the locals do. The beginning of the trip was a bit rocky with Jade getting sick, but she healed pretty quickly and we were able to get out and enjoy the lovely clear skies and temperate weather while it lasted.

We hitched a ride from our hotels’ taxi service to make our way from Greenpoint down into Williamsburg one beautiful morning. After our first stop into Blue Bottle Coffee, we headed up the street for brunch to a place Jade has been wanting to check out for a while now called Reynard. The resident restaurant in the restored Wythe Hotel, Reynard has been voted as one of the best in New York, serving elevated new American fare for brunch, lunch and dinner. I felt super at home here, as it felt like I was back home in Portland. There is something about the Williamsburg neighborhood that just echoed the same hip, restored types of neighborhoods we have at home, teaming with people of all walks of life. But busier. Much, much busier. There is definitely at least double the amount of people in the area than you would find in Portland, even on a holiday.


Reynard’s restored shiplap ceilings, gorgeous tiled floors and plenty of giant windows made for perfect photo taking environment. Almost had a hard time sitting down since all I wanted to do is lurk in the corners and catch people organically enjoying their morning. The place is ridiculously pretty, but to give credit where its due, the food was fantastic. Jade got a trout hash with a sauce that reminisced international delicacy, and I ordered the baked eggs with prawns and polenta that was so rich and hearty that I had to eat it slowly. We finished off our meal with a classic glazed donut, which was pretty much the best treat we had on the whole trip.

We were seated in the back dining area next to an extended family celebrating their adorable toddlers 2nd birthday, which was suffice to say, heart wrenching. Their cousins, aunts uncles and grand parents watched and chatted with each other, and you could really see the rich history and tradition they shared in celebrating a member of their families birth, even one so young. We both looked at each other in envy at their beautiful family and tight bond, longing for something like it in our future. Its always comforting to see a group of people like them together celebrating life and love, and coming together in an incredible place like Reynard makes it that much better.


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