Creating Wonder with Blurb Books

Creating Wonder with Blurb Books


This post is in collaboration with Blurb Books

I work a lot with digital content, which means I don’t often get to have physical pieces of my work. Almost all my photography is digital, save for maybe instant film, so sometimes I feel like I am missing out on being able to thumb through my work to admire it or pull it out to show others around the holidays. This year, I’ve teamed up with Blurb Books, an independent, creative book-making platform to put together a collection of some of my favorite pieces of work, photographs, and memories over the past year so I have an actual physical representation of all the wonderful things I get to do and places I’ve had the opportunity to visit.

Blurb’s easy to use site allows you to choose from a variety of free, downloadable, professionally-designed photo book templates, and even have free book-making tools, including their desktop publishing software, BookWright. Their site made it incredibly easy for me to import photos I’ve saved to my portfolio, or even import directly from Instagram. From concept to creation, making my own Blurb book was not only quick and easy, once I received my book in the mail, I was so pleased with the finished product that I’m going to order a few more copies as presents to give to my family and friends during the holidays. If you would like to create your own book for your loved ones, you can visit Blurb Books’ Holiday Gift Center.


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  • Ade / 16 December 2016 2:14

    I love blurb. It’s a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of the photo book design software, it’s totally amazing.

  • Erica / 1 January 2017 10:27

    Such a beautiful post as always love 🙂 I love Blurb, I’ve used it tons during school when I had to print my work. Adore your take on it! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best for the new year darling xx