A Record Breaking Snow Day

A Record Breaking Snow Day


Author: Cory

Nine years ago, Jade and I experienced our first real winter storm. We had been together for a little over a year, she lived with her parents and I lived down the road in a duplex with a government paid laser scientist. Thats a true fact. There was a blizzard that covered the suburbs we lived in with a little under a foot of snow, which pretty much immobilized everyone within miles from doing anything. I tried to drive my boat of a Buick to and from her house, but I got stuck so much, it just wasn’t worth the hassle after the first or second day. I did try to walk it; that was almost two miles in ice and snow to see her. I did make it, but I knew I couldn’t do it more than once. Even though it was inconvenient, even though the cold is a bitter biting force that makes my toes curl, I still loved the change in pace and experiencing it. I’ve wanted it to happen again, but no snow had been quite the same since.

Almost a decade later, now living in Portland where snow barely ever dusts, we just got the record breaking snowpocolypse I’ve been waiting for. Portland hasn’t see snow like this at this time of year for twenty years! It snowed all day and all night and all day again where it cropped up almost eight magical inches right in our own neighborhood. It honestly excited me, because for one I don’t have to drive anywhere to see Jade anymore; two we both work from home now; and three snow in general has always been a wonder to me since childhood. We had no idea how long it would last, so we made sure we got outside to go and experience it, take photos in it, and soak up its beauty. Snow really is beautiful. It kills me. It brings me peace. I love how it clings to the branches, posts, and buildings. It turns a seemingly normal neighborhood into a veritable Narnia. I’ve stepped through the wardrobe and I don’t have to think about anything else.

Of course its not all bushy tailed fawns and Ice Queens around Portland in this weather. I mean, it is that as much as it would be without the snow, it is Portland afterall. But to the point, the city is thoroughly covered. The roads are thick with packed snow and ice. There is no fleet of snow plows or enough salt to fix the problem. No one can get around very well at all. The sidewalks are a death trap. Its very inconvenient. But for its inconvenience, it brings out a whole other side of the city that you would not see without it. Other than walking around our own neighborhood, it has been hard to get out and about like we normally do, but seeing the courtyard of our building covered in powder, and seeing adorable dogs pounce around in it, because they have literally never seen anything like it before, makes it all worth it. I’ll take cabin fever and seeing snow-rolling puppies any day of the week. And on top of it all, it changes a city we have felt a little bored with lately into a place where we feel inspired again. I know it will be gone in a week, and I’m okay with that. I’m just glad we at least got to capture a little of it while it was here.


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  • Stephanie / 16 January 2017 8:39

    I LOVE your hair. Mine is very similar. I am also jealous of all the snow! So beautiful!!