Day on the Town with car2go

Day on the Town with car2go

Instagram 1This post is in collaboration with car2go

Not having a car available can sometimes be a pain, even in a city that has so much public transit available. Riding the train or street car is just fine, but what if you need to go to an event unreachable by public transit? We only have one car, and most of the time Cory has to use it for errands or for work trips. That leaves me sometimes stranded with no car of my own. I don’t always trust ride share apps, and sometimes I just want to drive myself. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time and car2go just solved my problems. 

They got in touch with me recently and let me know that they have a whole new fleet of Mercedes-Benz GLA‘s and CLA’s they’ve added to their services in Portland, which is ideal for my uses when I have a meeting I need to go to, or a event I have to show up for where public transit can’t reach. car2go and I partnered to let me borrow a Mercedes-Benz CLA for the weekend to test out just how easy the App is to use, and how smooth a ride the CLA is. Suffice to say, I felt cool and classy like I never have. 

The navigation of the car2go Mercedes-Benz CLA was perfect for getting to my destination, and having a sunroof to enjoy the sunshine between the Portland rain really made my trip brighter. Being able to get a full size luxury vehicle at a moments notice is kind of a dream come true, and means I can travel anywhere inside or outside the city in style and comfort. The new roomier vehicles also allow for up to five people to share a ride meaning you can travel with friends. And returning the car was a snap. I simply parked it in Portland Home Area, popped the key back in the glove compartment, ended my trip on my app and that was it! It really couldn’t have been easier. 

I know I’ll be using car2go many times in the future and would recommend the ease of their service to anyone. 


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