A Quiet Afternoon with Book of the Month

A Quiet Afternoon with Book of the Month


This post is in collaboration with Book of the Month

One of my favorite things to do is read a book. Anytime I’m asked what is my dream vacation, or ideal day off, my mind immediately drifts to traveling somewhere wonderful, maybe Paris or London, sitting in a café near the window with Cory, both of us completely engrossed in a book & sipping on cappuccinos. Books have always allowed me to escape, bring me peace, or make me feel inspired.

Though I love to go out and buy books, sometimes it’s just so hard to want to press through the book store crowds, or sift through the overwhelming amount of titles that seem to avalanche off the shelf at me. Being an introvert I tend to opt out of buying books if I must face a bustling crowd of people. Last year, I was looking for a solution to this anxiety I get from searching for the right book and then a friend of mine recommended Book of the Month.

It seemed so obvious, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before! I signed up for an account, and in minutes I had already selected a new and exciting book to come to me in just a matter of days. I’ve been particularly engrossed in one of March’s selections, “All Grown Up” by Jami Attenberg. This author had not even been on my radar until Book of the Month made me aware of her. Now I get to go back through her whole catalogue of past written work to add to my growing library. Even Cory has gotten into the selections from Book of the Month, his recent favorite being from April, a novel called Startup by Doree Shafrir. It was the perfect combination of real work tech start up drama with just enough humor to keep him talking about it for days.


Now, every month I get to select a new book (or two) and have a whole new adventure. Cory and I find a café around our city, settle into a corner, preferably next to a window with a beautiful view, and sink into a story that will inspire and delight. Book of the Month’s service allows me to choose from 5 diverse choices each month, always giving me options that suit my mood. The books are surprisingly affordable, which means I’m not only saving time from going into a crowded book store, I’m also saving money too. That means I can spend it on a new book shelf for my ever-expanding collection, one can never have too many book shelves. I recommend Book of the Month Club to all my friends, family and sometimes even people I meet at the café when they inquire about what I’m reading. They ask me what I’m reading and I get the opportunity to tell them about this great new service I’m using, Book of the Month is like having that good friend who always knows the next best thing to read, and always has good recommendations whenever I need one.


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  • Ade / 6 May 2017 1:13

    You guys drink a lot of coffee 🙂

    I don’t know if you ever visited Foyles bookstore while you were in London. The one on Charring Cross Road ( no longer there I don’t think) had an amazing cafe upstairs. Mind you most people there usually had laptops. Great coffee, great books.