August in Instagrams

            Photos courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. August has come to a close meaning kids are back in school and everyone is talking about the upcoming Fall. I would like to point out that Fall doesn't start till the 22nd, so I will continue to soak up every last bit of summer while it lasts. Honestly, we have been so focused on weddings, fashion week and planning...

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Early Morning

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! We went to the wedding of two of our dearest friends. I was actually one of the bridesmaids. Of course we have plenty of photographs from that special day to share, but I'm going to wait till the bride has a chance to share hers first. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding and being able to meet...

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We have been preparing for a lot of things coming our way in September this week. To start off we just got a new couch yesterday from my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad! Been doing a lot of painting to our apartment too. But for the next few weekends we'll be attending weddings of dear friends (well, I get to attend and Jade is a bridesmaid),...

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Did Someone Say Morning Buns?

I've noticed over the past few days we've shared a few of our favorite places in our new neighborhood, including Salt & Straw and Sterling Coffee Roasters. I thought we would continue that theme today by sharing one of the best pastries we've had at Ken's Artisan Bakery. I mentioned the other day on instagram, how walking over to Ken's has started to become a...

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Sterling Coffee Roasters

A month and a half ago, Jade and I moved into one of our favorite areas in Portland: the Alphabet District. We've walked around the area so many times in the last 6 years of being together it began to feel like home. It only made sense that we moved in to one of the quaint, pre-war apartments the neighborhood is filled with. With old...

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July in Instagrams

              Photos courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. How we are approaching the end of summer already, I'll never comprehend. July has certainly been a whirlwind, filled with fetching collaborations, cups of coffee, new haunts, frolics through fields of lavender, scoops of ice cream and a little Paul McCartney for good measure. We are looking forward to spending more time at home this month, painting, catching up on emails/blog posts and...

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A little his and hers' treats to share with you today. He opted for the chocolate chip cookie and latte while I decided to try the blackberry macaron and macchiato (0f course we didn't mind sharing with one another). Ken's is literally down the street from our home. It's quite dangerous for the waistline...

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Roman Candle Baking Co.

If you follow us on instagram then you have already seen some of the beauty of this space (even their powder room was photo worthy). We were on our way to visit the new location of our favorite ice cream shop the other day, when we walked by this very unique and beautiful building. We peered into the windows and fell instantly in love with the subway tile behind the counter, marbled...

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Sisters Coffee Company

Sisters Coffee Coffee Company is a family owned business with over 20 years of rich local history. Their Portland shop is located on the corner of Northwest 13th and Marshall in the Pearl district, which is walking distance from our new apartment. The shop is two stories, with plenty of space to meet with a group of friends on the main floor or find a...

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