Madewell Comes to Portland

A few weeks ago, I was walking around the Brewery Blocks when I saw it: MADEWELL! Cory pretended not to know me while I did a happy dance and snapped a few instagrams. Madewell has always seemed so perfect for Portland so I found it baffling that there wasn't one in our city. Of course I had planned to go as soon as they opened, but...

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A Morning Stroll to Buckingham Palace

While we hadn't planned to go to Buckingham Palace (crowds aren't really our thing), but it seemed silly not to when we noticed on a map that we were in walking distance to it from where we were staying. We figured we would fit in a morning stroll over to it early in the morning. The air was cold so we bundled up and headed...

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Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

How beautiful it was to look out the window of our suite and gaze upon the gated entrance to Hyde Park. We had spent a few moments walking around Hyde Park Corner before tea a day or two before, but we really hadn't had the time to go deep into the park itself. Buttoning up our coats and slinging our cameras on, we started into the park...

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Barons Court

We spent a lot of the time our first few days in and around our hotel while in London. Between the ridiculously lovely suite we were staying in and the crippling jet lag, it was difficult to leave. We finally had recovered enough by day four to wander beyond the realms of our hotel's district to outlying neighborhoods. We hopped on the tube and explored...

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Dinner at Apsleys

This post was sponsored by The Lanesborough, a St. Regis Hotel. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram In my lifetime I have not been able to take part in a lot of the finer things in life. In fact, before meeting Jade, I would consider my quality of appetite and overall quality of life to be below average. I was a young bachelor who grew up sheltered in the woods...

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Ah! 2013 is almost over. We're finally caught up on our 52 Weeks project! We are both anticipating celebrating Christmas with our families around the Portland metro area and celebrating New Years alone together, as we always do. Who are you going to spend your Holidays with? There is just something about spending the first moments of the new year with my favorite person in...

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A Giveaway with Woodblock Chocolate

November and December have to be our favorite months of the year. There is this wonderful feeling in the air brought about by the holidays. The chill brings us closer together while walking through town, the streets are lined with twinkly lights and my desire for chocolate triples. My birthday just so happens to be right in the middle of it all! In fact, I...

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We Love Woodblock Chocolate

Charley and Jessica from Woodblock Chocolate are amazing. Not just because they are making some of the most delicious and inspiring artisan chocolate in Portland recently. Not just because they are genuine, warm and inviting people who aren't afraid to have a conversation about life in general, life as business owners and life as parents. And not just because they let us sample more chocolate than we could...

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‘Tis the Season

Every  year I look forward to designing our holiday cards. We began the tradition a few years ago thanks to Pinhole Press. They have so many lovely designs to choose from that you are able to customize to your liking. They also offer personalized address labels which makes putting together the holiday cards so much easier! I'm the one with the neat handwriting in this family...

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November in Instagrams

                Photos courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. November was one of those months where we wanted so much to happen, but only a few things did and the rest was filled with small celebrated moments. We were asked to be a part of a small film project by a friend of ours. We enjoyed numerous cups of coffee and lots of time inside together planning our future....

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