Fare & Treats


Early Morning

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend! We went to the wedding of two of our dearest friends. I was actually one of the bridesmaids. Of course we have plenty of photographs from that special day to share, but I'm going to wait till the bride has a chance to share hers first. It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding and being able to meet...

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A Tasting at Soter Vineyards

Jade and I love to enjoy things together. When we go to the theater, we usually are either holding hands, have our arms wrapped around each other or are practically in the others lap. When we go out to explore our city, we love to take in every little thing and trade thoughts about what's happening in the moment. When we go out to eat,...

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A Peek at Sokol Blosser Winery

I have never been much of a wine drinker. I think the reason for that is because I have never had good wine. I have only recently learned that there is a difference between good and bad wine. The wine I had been exposed to in previous years is the kind that comes in boxes from cheap supermarkets or oversize jugs of  it for pennies...

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Clyde Common

Some of the best days that Jade and I have together together are ones that weren't planned out days or even weeks ahead of time. We woke up one morning after having gone to bed way too late. Neither of us felt fantastic after a hard night of sleep and be jolted awake to the sound of banging and beeping from the construction next door....

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Little Big Burger

When I was a kid, the only thing my brother would eat was hamburgers. I myself liked all sorts of food  but since my brother had an aversion to everything but the all american meal, I joined him most of the time in eating burgers. It came to a point where we were aficionados of sorts when it came to burgers (or at least in...

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Did Someone Say Morning Buns?

I've noticed over the past few days we've shared a few of our favorite places in our new neighborhood, including Salt & Straw and Sterling Coffee Roasters. I thought we would continue that theme today by sharing one of the best pastries we've had at Ken's Artisan Bakery. I mentioned the other day on instagram, how walking over to Ken's has started to become a...

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Sterling Coffee Roasters

A month and a half ago, Jade and I moved into one of our favorite areas in Portland: the Alphabet District. We've walked around the area so many times in the last 6 years of being together it began to feel like home. It only made sense that we moved in to one of the quaint, pre-war apartments the neighborhood is filled with. With old...

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Since we are on the topic of ice cream, we heard that Honey Lavender was back at Salt & Straw we made a date to get ice cream for breakfast the next day. And, yes, I totally coordinated my outfit with my ice cream order...

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Salt & Straw on Division

Before I met Jade, I didn't really like ice cream. That sounds crazy, I know, because who doesn't like that delightful, cold, creamy treat on a hot summers day or in the evening after a long workday? I didn't. It just wasn't my cup of tea, so to speak. I was a chocolate or cheesecake kind of guy. But now I've realized that I didn't...

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