Fare & Treats


Dark Chocolate, Chevre Brownies for Sarah and Eric

Sarah and Eric, our long time internet friends, were visiting Portland so we thought it would be nice to surprise them with a little treat and, lets face it, we are always looking for an excuse to bake something. Do you ever watch Throwdown? Well, the brownie battle with Vermont Brownie Company made us curious to try our hand at making our own chevre brownies (with a gluten...

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Courier Coffee

There are a lot of great places we hear about all the time in our fair city, but making it to each one of those places is not as easy as it would seem. As I was walking back to our car from picking up some takeout at Thai Peacock the other day, I was surprised to walk right past Courier Coffee, a place Jade and I had...

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Blue Star Donuts

On an unusually sunny (yet freezing cold) afternoon, Jade and I decided to stop by the recently opened Blue Star Donuts. I have never had a more satisfying donut than at Blue Star Donuts. It's on SW 13th and SW Washington. The recipe that they use to make their dough, a classic brioche from the South of France, just about blew our minds. It's not cakey,...

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A Birthday Weekend

I love when my birthday falls on the weekend because that usually means we get to celebrate all weekend long. On Friday night, Cory got home from work and asked if I wanted to start my birthday weekend with a present, or end it with one. Of couse I said I wanted my present right that very second. He surprised me with a gorgeous watch...

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Golden Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

Yesterday we shared our visit to Cacao Drink Chocolate and now we would like to share the recipe we made in November with the delicious chocolate we brought home. Every year when my birthday rolls around, I always have only one request: that my birthday cake be a cheesecake. Cheesecake is one of my all time guilty pleasure, and if given the opportunity and permittance...

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Cacao Drink Chocolate

If you love chocolate the way we love chocolate, Cacao's shop off of SW 13th avenue in Portland is a chocolate lover's paradise. We had heard from numerous friends that the 'drinking chocolates' at Cacao were to die for. Jade and I were planning a cheesecake recipe that incorporated chocolate for my birthday so it was the perfect excuse to go and pick out something...

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A Sunny Afternoon at Coava

Coava has become one of those places that any time we are out and about in Portland, we simply have to reserve some time in our day to stop by and have a cup (or two). As you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun playing with the sunshine on this particular afternoon...

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Barista (Pearl)

There aren't many things we enjoy more than a delicious cup of coffee and a charming atmosphere to drink it in. This was the first time we had ever been to any of the three Baristas in Portland (despite walking past it nearly every day for  years when Jade attended PNCA) and it will certainly not be our last. This particular location is right off NW Glisan...

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Chocolate Macarons on a Grey Day

For our wedding, we made three different kinds of macarons and wrapped them up with ribbon as favors. It was our first time making them and really, it was a miracle it wasn't a complete disaster. In everything we read on the matter, everyone warned they were tricky. Maybe the macaroon gods just didn't want our wedding favors to be ruined because they all turned...

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