Where ONA Goes with Endlessly Enraptured

When deciding what I needed for my trip with Da Vinci Wines last year, I knew that I needed a new camera bag. You see, usually Cory carries around all our gear, but I was invited on this trip solo as one of their Story Tellers. I needed a bag that would carry all my gear comfortably...

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Heart Roasters on Southwest 12th Avenue

We try to go out to a few new places around town each week. That is not to say we do that every week. It's easy to get stuck in the familiar and comfortable places that we usually go, especially when they are just so convenient. Since moving into our neighborhood in Northwest Portland we have been sticking to places predominantly around the Northwest quadrant....

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Around the Royal Academy of Art

Walking the streets of London was like no experience I have ever had in a big city. Granted I have only been to a few cities (Portland, Seattle, Los Angelas), but London's streets had extra bustle in them. It wasn't the kind of rushed activity though that one would want to immediately escape. No, at the time I simply reveled in the moments of seeing...

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Happiest of Halloweens from the Dynamic Duo

Ever since I can remember, I've loved to dress up. Growing up, my mother always dressed me in something white, feminine and pure: a bride, an angel, a snow princess while my brother was always something that kicked ass: a sheriff, a power ranger, a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Sure, I liked feeling delicate and beautiful but sometimes I wanted to kick ass too and...

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All of these beautiful colors that fall is swirling around us has got me thinking, I haven't painted in long time. Even before I met Jade, painting was something I would do every now an then to release some of my pent up aggression or just to relax and see where the color took me. It seems Jade is feeling a little creatively sparked lately...

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Our First Walk Around London

The second day of our trip was really our first full day in London. When we arrived we were just simply so sleep deprived and exasperated, we pretty much just had to lay in bed in our suite and slowly fade into unconsciousness. When we awoke, we ordered coffee and tea. Soaking in the beauty and luxury of our suite while sipping on tea and...

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Every friday for the past 40 weeks, we have shared a portrait of one another along with some of our favorite findings from around the internet that particular week. Well, try as we might, we just didn't have the time to put together a post this past Friday. Not only have we been recovering from our London & Paris trip, but we have also been...

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We have a few posts coming up this weekend on the incredible runway shows we saw during fashion week. These photographs are what we wore on day two of the festivities. In just a few days we will begin our international journey. We will be spending nearly a week in London at the St. Regis Lanesborough after which we will be boarding Eurostar to spend a few days in Paris...

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Zinnia by Colette Patterns

As a young girl, I dreamed of modeling couture for the cover of Vogue. But as I grew older (and didn't grow past 5' 4") I knew that if I ever wanted to model, I would have to take matters into my own hands. That's the very reason I started taking self portraits which has led me to so many incredible modeling opportunities. It's hard to...

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Duchess Clothier

I've always wanted to look really sharp wherever I go. Even though I haven't always accomplished that dream in my past, it is something I still strive for. When I was young and penniless, I would where my grandfather's suit jackets or suit jackets I'd find at Goodwill to pair with my ripped jeans, logo'd t-shirt and black and white chucks. I thought I was...

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