The Portland Bazaar

I went to a lot of bazaar's as a kid. Mostly church bazaar's where old church ladies would bake pies to sell or make little characters and animals out of candy. There were old, God fearing men who would whittle log trucks, bird houses and shelves made from the coniferous trees they found in their back yards. This was a small town way out beyond the reaches...

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It Wasn’t Just A Dream

I was very inspired by Jasmine's post about the importance of dreaming. Dreaming has always been a major part of my life. Growing up, I was incredibly shy and quiet. I spent a lot of time in my own head afraid to tell others anything about myself. Then I discovered drawing. I learned that I could speak through pictures. I became an artist because that's...

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Boudoir with Bria

Guess what!? Bria is going to be a Portlander! Ah! I am so excited for her to make roots here that I couldn't help but share a few boudoir photographs she took of me when she and Andrew came to visit. Portland ladies, get your lingerie ready because you will want to set up a shoot with her! You can see more loveliness on her beautiful blog...

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More Than Just Black & White

I love vibrant, brilliant, magical color: always have, always will. However, last week I realized I had shot up all my color film and still had a pack of black and white that had been collecting dust on my desk for way too long. I loaded it into my land camera...

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Colette Patterns

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Sarai of Colette Pattern's latest beauty: 'The Laurel.' With the launch of 'The Laurel' comes a new sewing contest! If you are a seamstress (or aspiring seamstress) you should consider entering. There are some absolutely incredible prizes. Check out more behind the scenes photographs and a lovely video, made my Sarai herself! Today, we couldn't resist sharing a few more photographs...

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Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon

When I was in the 7th grade, we had a project in art class where we had to draw a portrait based on a photograph of an old hollywood starlet. This is when my infatuation with vintage gowns began. A few years ago I was trying to hunt down the best places to find vintage dresses in Portland and that's when I came across Xtabay....

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Meeting Bria and Andrew

One of Jade's 26 things to accomplish before she turns 27  is to 'Meet more internet friends in real life.' Bria and her fiance Andrew came to visit Portland a week or so ago. On Saturday we met up with them for a bit of breakfast at Woodsman Tavern. There is nothing  more strange and exciting than having an actual conversation with people you've known but have...

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26 Before 27

Today, I am 26 years old and I honestly believe it's going to be a wonderful year filled with growth, change and plenty of adventure. To me, 25 will always represent the year I married my best friend, the year I graduated with my Master’s of Arts in Education, the year my relationship with my family changed for the better and the year I immersed myself into...

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An Unexpected Snow Day

I'm usually the first one to rise in the morning. Cory tends to stay in bed as long as he can. I certainly don't blame him especially on a Sunday, which tend to be his only real day off since Saturdays are usually reserved for homework, errands and chores. I woke up last Sunday, washed my face, replied to some emails and sipped a cup of tea....

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‘A portrait of one another, once a week for an entire year’ Thank goodness it's Friday. In this week's 52, you see Jade and I in the glorious upstairs of Portland Center Stage. We saw a fantastic, hilarious and insightful play about the one and only James Beard who, if you don't already know, was (and still is) one of the biggest influences on the modern culinary world....

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