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Every friday for the past 40 weeks, we have shared a portrait of one another along with some of our favorite findings from around the internet that particular week. Well, try as we might, we just didn't have the time to put together a post this past Friday. Not only have we been recovering from our London & Paris trip, but we have also been...

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August in Instagrams

            Photos courtesy of Jade’s instagram, Cory’s instagram and our instagram. August has come to a close meaning kids are back in school and everyone is talking about the upcoming Fall. I would like to point out that Fall doesn't start till the 22nd, so I will continue to soak up every last bit of summer while it lasts. Honestly, we have been so focused on weddings, fashion week and planning...

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We have been preparing for a lot of things coming our way in September this week. To start off we just got a new couch yesterday from my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad! Been doing a lot of painting to our apartment too. But for the next few weekends we'll be attending weddings of dear friends (well, I get to attend and Jade is a bridesmaid),...

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A Tasting at Soter Vineyards

Jade and I love to enjoy things together. When we go to the theater, we usually are either holding hands, have our arms wrapped around each other or are practically in the others lap. When we go out to explore our city, we love to take in every little thing and trade thoughts about what's happening in the moment. When we go out to eat,...

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June, July, August

I created a 26 before 27 list in celebration of my birthday and the year ahead. One of my favorite items on the list has been going out with Cory and getting a photo booth strip taken together (and sometimes separately). The ones we have taken this summer have been especially meaningful to me. I think it will be a tradition we continue even after this year is...

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I'm short on words today since I'm rushing out the door today for a shoot with Colette Patterns, so lets get to it! Here are a few links we are endlessly enraptured with this week...

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Tulips and an Emerald Dress

Have you ever been to the Woodburn Tulip Festival? A few years ago, the mister and I were in Woodburn for a doctor's appointment when we stumbled across some signs for the Tulip Festival and thought, since we were in the area, we might as well check it out. We were absolutely blown away by the beauty, variety and multitude of tulips. This year, I...

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Alpacas & A Lavender Festival

I've been on the hunt for special things to do that will get Cory and me out of the city to truly experience the summer season. I stumbled across the Helvetia Lavender Festival and knew we absolutely had to go. As we were driving through the country and over the dirt roads to the festival, we were delighted to discover an Alpaca Farm. We couldn't...

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Raise your hand if you're excited for 'Roid Week!! I look forward to it every year. Will you be playing along? Cory and I have been addicted to instant film for the past few years and have quite the collection now. I need to figure out a proper way to store/display them. Any ideas? Right now they are just stuffed in gift boxes I got from...

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