Fetching Frames & A Giveaway! {Closed}

I have needed to wear glasses since I was in 2nd grade. I knew that I wanted to have a pair just like my best friend, Chris. He had a pair of rounded, brown tortoiseshell rims and I had always admired them. When I finally got my glasses on Friday after school, I wore them proudly all weekend long and thought I was pretty dang...

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Beam & Anchor

Robert and Jocelyn Rahm are two individuals with a vision. They are bringing together truly talented crafters, makers, and artists in the city and placing them all under one roof. This magical place is known as Beam & Anchor. It's a fitting name that encompasses their downstairs retail space and workshop/studio space they provide in their second story. Their shop is a well crafted poem to all the beautiful things...

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Clement Photography

Jade has an obsession with tintype photography and knew she had to hunt down an expert in Portland...

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Petunia’s Pies & Pastries

For the past few years Jade and I have been *mostly* gluten free. Why neither of us has ever been formally diagnosed with gluten intolerance we have definitely noticed a difference limiting our gluten intake. That isn't where our diet restrictions began, in fact they began years prior when we found out Jade had an autoimmune disease. We were told that switching up her diet might help...

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Rain, Woods & a Bright Red VW Bus

A short time ago, I got an email from a local creative. He wanted to know if Jade and I would be up for collaborating and doing a photo-shoot together. This fellow turned out to be Mark Mirocha, a Portland based lifestyle and wedding photographer with some remarkable talent. Over the course of a few weeks, we emailed each other and planned to meet up...

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The Meadow

The Meadow is co-owned by Mark Bitterman and his wife, Jennifer Turner Bitterman. They are entrepreneurs in all senses of the word. They own two shops of the finest goods in both Portland and New York and have made a life of supplying their community with rich chocolates, preserves, floral arrangements, but most intriguing of all, fine salts, finishing salts and salt blocks. We first learned of the Bitterman's goods...

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Jacobsen Salt Co.

When we walked up to the small storage facility we were invited to in Portland to meet Ben Jacobsen for our interview, we weren't exactly sure we were in the right place. But then the door swung open and there was Ben. He greeted us with a big smile and an outstretched hand. He is a charming, warm, and inviting man. He stores his salts going...

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Clive Coffee

We had passed by Clive Coffee numerous times and finally decided to walk in the door for a cup of coffee. We stepped in to this fascinating place and found out that they are in fact suppliers, sellers, and educators of home coffee makers and espresso machines. We couldn't help but be struck by all the beauty that surrounded us. We were greeted by Chris Ryan, an incredibly helpful, well...

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Meeting Bria and Andrew

One of Jade's 26 things to accomplish before she turns 27  is to 'Meet more internet friends in real life.' Bria and her fiance Andrew came to visit Portland a week or so ago. On Saturday we met up with them for a bit of breakfast at Woodsman Tavern. There is nothing  more strange and exciting than having an actual conversation with people you've known but have...

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