An Unexpected Snow Day

I'm usually the first one to rise in the morning. Cory tends to stay in bed as long as he can. I certainly don't blame him especially on a Sunday, which tend to be his only real day off since Saturdays are usually reserved for homework, errands and chores. I woke up last Sunday, washed my face, replied to some emails and sipped a cup of tea....

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Chocolate Macarons on a Grey Day

For our wedding, we made three different kinds of macarons and wrapped them up with ribbon as favors. It was our first time making them and really, it was a miracle it wasn't a complete disaster. In everything we read on the matter, everyone warned they were tricky. Maybe the macaroon gods just didn't want our wedding favors to be ruined because they all turned...

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‘A portrait of one another, once a week for an entire year’ We were married last May and have started this blog to stay connected and document our life together. We hope you follow along as we share recipes, interviews with fellow creators, music recommendations, makeup tutorials, visits to our favorite haunts and our travels to places we've never been before. Basically things we love that we find worth sharing. At this time,...

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