The Art of Style

Author: Jade Hello and happy Saturday friends! We rarely post on the weekends, but I couldn't resist popping in to tell you that the interview I did for The Style Line is now live! I share a few favorite outfits, fashion in the Portland community and how my work as an artist has helped evolve my personal style. Head on over to The Style Line for the full interview,...

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Trottermag’s Portland Guide

Author: Jade I'm delighted to tell you that Trottermag's Portland Guide is now live. It was an honor to contribute and be able to collaborate with so many local businesses that we love and with our friends, founders Eva and Stefan. So if you are planning a trip to Portland or are a local looking for something new, you must go see it. ...

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An Early Morning at the Farmers Market

This post is in collaboration with Collectively Author: Cory We love going to farmers markets. We have been actively going to them for years and have so much fun walking around, looking at all of the gorgeous fresh produce, chatting with the farmers and vendors, and sampling anything and everything offered. One of the main reasons why we visit farmers markets is to support local growers of...

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Coffee & Doughnuts on a Rainy Day

Author: Jade Is there anything better than coffee and doughnuts on a rainy day? Cory and I try to have a doughnut date once a month. It's a nice, little indulgence. I walk down to Blue Star early in the morning in hopes of avoiding crowds. I remember when they first opened and you always felt like you had the shop to yourself. But then the word...

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March in Instagrams

Author: Jade Spring came early in March. Well, at least here in Portland. I know you east coasters were begging for Spring to make an appearance. The trees along the waterfront are already devoid of blooms and completely green. March even boasted a few 70 degree days: basically unheard of this early in the year. There was loads of reading and many cups of decaf coffee (we decided to go...

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A Time for Celebration

Author: Cory We didn't intend to be silent here for months. What started off as a few weeks of time off to redesign Endlessly Enraptured, turned into a few months. Much needed time off. Our hiatus was necessary for many reasons but we will relate more on that later. Today, we want to celebrate our rejuvenation and relaunch, and what better way to celebrate than with cake. Jade and...

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We love baked goods. If you have followed this space for any amount of time, then this doesn't surprise you in the least. There is very little in this world that we appreciate more than a perfectly crafted croissant or hand pie: they are comforting, heart warming, and are somehow able to make any day better. We are constantly on the search for the best of...

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Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

I love a good charcuterie, although, before I met Jade, I had no idea what one was. Once I found out the definition, I realized I had been making variations of the treat for ages. Traditionally a charcuterie is a collection of meats assorted on a platter or plate, but the more modern definition can be a selection of antipasto or cured, pickled and preserved...

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Portland Goods Giveaway (Closed)

We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate: a new home, our seven year anniversary, our second wedding anniversary and over a year of writing this journal of ours. One of the best parts about being able to create posts and projects on 'Endlessly' is having the opportunity to share the city we love and live in with all of...

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