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Slow Down with Schoolhouse

This post is in collaboration with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Author: Cory We recently had the opportunity to partner with Schoolhouse Electric for their #SlowDownWithSchoolhouse campaign where we scouted the city to see some of the best uses of their brilliant light fixtures. Lighting is one of those subtle things in any shop or studio that can literally and figuratively change the way you see your environment....

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Summer Days & Chambray Jumpsuits

Author: Cory There is a certain level of comfort you have to have to take portraits of people. Not the self soothing comfort that calms your nerves when you feel anxious, although that certainly does help. More like the confidence and personabilty to understand, empathize, and relate to someone in any state of being. In my experience, if you can't look a person in the eye and...

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May in Instagrams

Author: Cory Boy did May go by in a flash! We had thunderstorms with lightening, dense fog we could barely see through in the early morning, and even a couple 85 degree days we really could have done without. We took on more projects in May than we have in recent months, or even in recent years on Endlessly Enraptured. We are working with more businesses...

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Bending the Rules with HP

This post is in collaboration with HP Jade and I love to collaborate. That is where Endlessly Enraptured got its start: a husband and wife team using our talents in collaboration to create and share all the things we discover along our journey in this life. It is our mutual love for art, community, food and travel which makes the collaborations we do together and with...

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An Early Morning at the Farmers Market

This post is in collaboration with Collectively Author: Cory We love going to farmers markets. We have been actively going to them for years and have so much fun walking around, looking at all of the gorgeous fresh produce, chatting with the farmers and vendors, and sampling anything and everything offered. One of the main reasons why we visit farmers markets is to support local growers of...

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Through the Streets of New York

Author: Cory New York City has always been this strange, distant land that only characters in movies and television shows existed for me. That's what happens when you spend the first twenty years of your life on a secluded farm away from any real civilization. Even trips into the neighboring city of Portland were intimidating to me. But now I live in Portland, and I don't...

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We love baked goods. If you have followed this space for any amount of time, then this doesn't surprise you in the least. There is very little in this world that we appreciate more than a perfectly crafted croissant or hand pie: they are comforting, heart warming, and are somehow able to make any day better. We are constantly on the search for the best of...

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Coava (Hawthorne)

Coava has been one of our 'go to' coffee shops for years now, not only because of their perfectly poured beverages but for the incredible open space they serve in. It's somehow industrial and homey all at once. When we first started going, it felt like our own little secret oasis. There was always an open seat and the only noise you heard was the...

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Cheese & Crack Snack Shop

I love a good charcuterie, although, before I met Jade, I had no idea what one was. Once I found out the definition, I realized I had been making variations of the treat for ages. Traditionally a charcuterie is a collection of meats assorted on a platter or plate, but the more modern definition can be a selection of antipasto or cured, pickled and preserved...

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Christopher David

We've been trying to get out of our usual rounds of places we frequent. It's easy to fall into a familiar and comfortable rut when you have your tried and true favorites. Since we've been on the hunt for items to decorate and furnish our new home, we broke away from the norm to stop by Christopher David, which opened no more than 9 months...

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