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Madewell Comes to Portland

A few weeks ago, I was walking around the Brewery Blocks when I saw it: MADEWELL! Cory pretended not to know me while I did a happy dance and snapped a few instagrams. Madewell has always seemed so perfect for Portland so I found it baffling that there wasn't one in our city. Of course I had planned to go as soon as they opened, but...

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Schoolhouse Electric

Its been strange not writing much on Endlessly Enraptured lately. For almost a whole year it was a part of my daily life; writing down notes at the places we go, coming home and using those notes to create a narrative of the entire experience. It was therapeutic. I've always been told if you want to be a writer, you need to write all the...

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Ready for the Weekend

Cory is off picking up the keys to our new apartment as we speak! I still kind of can't believe we are moving, even as I sit here surrounded by boxes. Once he is back, we are thinking of going out for a celebratory brunch at Maurice, but we may have to make a pitstop at St. Honoré Boulangerie to pick up a bag of chouquettes. This weekend...

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Ristretto Roasters

I've been having some really horrible coffee cravings over the past few weeks. Since starting my new job working directly downtown, I've been drinking a lot of watered down, flavorless office grinds. There is a definitive problem with the location I work. There are a couple great coffee shops in relative walking distance, Ristretto Roasters being one of them, but by the time I race over,...

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Dapper & Wise

On a rather unusually sunny afternoon in late January we had our first visit to Dapper & Wise. They opened their doors just a short time ago and are now roasting beans and serving up hot cups everyday of the week, except Sundays. It is owned by the brilliant folks who first opened Insomnia Coffee, two family friendly coffee houses where they welcome live music, displays of...

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A Sweet Sunday at Little t Baker in Union Way

I'm finding more and more as I get older that I have a particular taste in places I like to hang out. I want the space to be relatively well lit with decent natural light, or at least some unique and charming indoor lighting. That might be because I know what horrible lighting can do to a photo-shoot you are dying to come out perfectly....

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A Sweet Sunday at St. Honoré Boulangerie

We have been wanting to start a Sunday tradition. We do go out on the weekend occasionally to get a cup of coffee or get a treat to take home, but it hasn't been an actual tradition. We have a dream of going to a wonderful place such as a bakery or patisserie to take in the ambiance and treat ourselves to something special while...

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We Love Woodblock Chocolate

Charley and Jessica from Woodblock Chocolate are amazing. Not just because they are making some of the most delicious and inspiring artisan chocolate in Portland recently. Not just because they are genuine, warm and inviting people who aren't afraid to have a conversation about life in general, life as business owners and life as parents. And not just because they let us sample more chocolate than we could...

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Where ONA Goes with Endlessly Enraptured

When deciding what I needed for my trip with Da Vinci Wines last year, I knew that I needed a new camera bag. You see, usually Cory carries around all our gear, but I was invited on this trip solo as one of their Story Tellers. I needed a bag that would carry all my gear comfortably...

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