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True Silence

'True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.' William Penn  ...

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Derby Day at the Lizard Lounge

Besides Jade mentioning her love for the incredible hats from time to time, we've never had a reason to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. We've never been to Kentucky...

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Barista (Downtown)

After our visit to Barista in the Pearl, we knew we had to go and check out their other locations around town. We were taken aback when we entered the Downtown location and saw all of the beautiful craft in its design. They have marble counter tops all around the small shop, and the counter front and behind bar display looks right out of a...

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The Portland Bazaar

I went to a lot of bazaar's as a kid. Mostly church bazaar's where old church ladies would bake pies to sell or make little characters and animals out of candy. There were old, God fearing men who would whittle log trucks, bird houses and shelves made from the coniferous trees they found in their back yards. This was a small town way out beyond the reaches...

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It's really wonderful when two people can come together and form a bond over shared interests. Jade and I have been able to do that with this blog and it's fantastic to see others doing the same. Ro and Natasha of Either/Or Coffee are embarking on a journey together and we are thrilled to be able to capture a few moments of what they have...

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We have been making our own version of vegan bowls since we were vegan. Yes, we too ventured into the world of veganism for about two years for health reasons. But even after venturing back to the omnivorous lifestyle, we still haven't been able to keep from making vegan cuisine from time to time. When done right, it's just so delicious! So when friends of ours recommended we...

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Heart Roasters

We've been meaning to go to Heart. We've driven past it countless times on our way to dinner at Ken's Artisan Pizza or a movie date at the Laurelhurst. After being recommended by Sarah and Eric (both talented baristas), we decided it was no longer an option: we had to go. The environment is beautiful: light flowing through their store front windows, long marble counter tops, and a...

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Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon

When I was in the 7th grade, we had a project in art class where we had to draw a portrait based on a photograph of an old hollywood starlet. This is when my infatuation with vintage gowns began. A few years ago I was trying to hunt down the best places to find vintage dresses in Portland and that's when I came across Xtabay....

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St. Cupcake Galore

After spending a particularly lovely afternoon getting lunch at Lardo West and perusing the isles of Powell's Books on our search for the perfect guide book for our upcoming trip to London, we decided that the only thing that could make the day better was cupcakes. Fortunately for us, right up the street on the corner of Southwest Morrison and 12th, Saint Cupcake Galore sells...

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Clive Coffee

We had passed by Clive Coffee numerous times and finally decided to walk in the door for a cup of coffee. We stepped in to this fascinating place and found out that they are in fact suppliers, sellers, and educators of home coffee makers and espresso machines. We couldn't help but be struck by all the beauty that surrounded us. We were greeted by Chris Ryan, an incredibly helpful, well...

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