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London in an Instant

Author: Cory I think we're ready to just pick up & move to London. Granted this was only our second trip there, but sometimes that's all it takes to know. I knew that I wanted to be with Jade for the rest of my life first time I saw her. I know it sounds like a cheesy, romantic thing to say, but it's absolutely true. Every...

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Inside The Tuileries, Outside The Louvre

Just as the sun was starting to set, we finished our walk along the Seine and made it to The Tuileries just before the closed. And by just before they closed, I mean we walked in and not three minutes later, whistles were blown and officers asked people to clear out. As our day in Paris came to a close, we couldn't resist wandering by...

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Télescope Café

Télescope Café was first brought to our attention through Alice's post. That lovely lady knows about coffee so we were thrilled to find out that Télescope was only a few minutes walk from where we were staying. Our only regret is that we only had one morning to enjoy Télescope's delicious coffee and croissants...

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A Morning Stroll Through Paris

I'd be remiss if I didn't say a special thank you to Xtabay Vintage for lending me the most incredible little, black dress to traipse around the streets of Paris in....

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Shake Shack at Covent Garden

I think that has become pretty obvious by the things we post on Endlessly Enraptured most of the time that Jade and I like to explore and discover new places to eat and take in local culture. We have both been wanting to try Shake Shack for ages now, since seeing the cheesy, fresh burgers covering our instagram feeds. When we found out last summer that...

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A Sunny Walk in London Town

Have you missed London posts? We sure have! So lets get back to it! I really could have spent all my time in the hotel and across the street wandering around Hyde Park. Since it was our first trip there though, I knew we had to get out and explore at least a few of the main sights and tour the expansive streets. Sometimes you just...

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A Peek at Sokol Blosser Winery

I have never been much of a wine drinker. I think the reason for that is because I have never had good wine. I have only recently learned that there is a difference between good and bad wine. The wine I had been exposed to in previous years is the kind that comes in boxes from cheap supermarkets or oversize jugs of  it for pennies...

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'A portrait of one another, once a week for an entire year' Happy Friday!  Here are a few photographs taken on a walk downtown this week. The way the sun was falling from the clouds onto all the old, withered brick of the buildings was truly beautiful. This weekend, aside from catching up on schoolwork, emails, painting and dishes, Brianna and her fellow, Andrew, are visiting Portland! We've never...

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